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    Im pretty sure this has been asked before, but i am really terrible at searching forums and have a reading problem on top of it. What is the best way to put on a diaper so that it isnt too tight but will still prevent leaks as best it is designed? I know this is probably really lame considering what i am, but i have always lived a rather sheltered life and need some help please.


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    Best trick I can think about is when you fasten the tapes or velcro tabs, do it not straight but in upward position for the bottom tapes and downward for the top tapes, it took me a long time to understand it was the best way to adjust a diaper, and if you want to make sure of no leaks, nothing is better than a pair of plastic pants on top of it.

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    Also, fasten the bottom tapes first, as they're the ones that actually prevent most leaks. If a crease kind of forms between the padding and the leg guard when you're diapering up, run the tape down that crease.

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    You'll usually develop your own unique style which will work well as long as you use the same diaper. For me the best way is to diaper myself lying down. The lower tapes at a slight downward angle and as tight as possible, the upper tapes level and just tight enough to close any gaps. When I sit/stand up this translates to a comfortable and fairly leak resistant combination.

    You might find this useful too:

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    thanks for the advice so far everyone, will have to try it out when i go to bed tonight. although.... what do you mean by a crease kaliborio? i am not able to picture what you mean in my head

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    A kind of gap I think between the diaper and your skin where a leak could happen.

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