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Thread: i had a knee reconstraction a while ago...

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    Default i had a knee reconstraction a while ago...

    i had a knee reconstruction a month ago (torn main ligament in right knee,i had the ligament replaced with some of my ham-string)
    i wasn't nervous at all.

    when i woke up i was in the hospital in some sort of ward, when a nurse saw i was awake she checked my morphine drip and water drip and stuff like that.later i had food and when i went to bed i asked if i could wear something because i wet the bed,the nurse(who i admit was pretty hot) braught me a diaper(Tena Slip Maxi Medium) and asked if i needed help putting it on, i said yes i need help putting it on because i dont want to risk of leaking so she closed the big curtain thing and i pulled my boxers down nervously and she said lift your butt and she put it under me and taped the taped to the front,after that she opened the curtain and i put the quilt thing back on me and took my boxers off(since i was wearing a diaper).i drank about like 2 litres of water that night because i had a dry throat from the air conditioning,i wet in the diaper until it leaked and asked for a diaper change,the nurse changed me and my sheets.i had 3 changes that night.i watched tv all day next day and later that day(or night you could say) i asked for another diaper cause i wet the bed and a nurse put one on me(a large one this time).basically the same thing happened the next day and than i went home.i stayed home from school for 3 weeks afterwards =)
    i accept constructive critisicm for tips on how to post better.
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    Nice one!

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    Looks like you milked your hospital stay for all it was worth!

    Still, I'd rather be healthy and stay at home than having to go through a surgery just to get a diaper change


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    nice. i hope i never have to be hospitlized like that...but if do, looks like it wont be SO bad

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    well 9 out of 10 doctors do say that a diaper a day does assist in a full and complete recovery!

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    I spent 6 months in a hospital after my leg was destroyed, at first I had a cath, but after about 2 weeks I was just useing a hand held urinal.

    Imagine 5 months with your leg up in the air, and wearing nothing but a hospital gown, it wasn't any fun at all.

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    What did you do to damage your knee like that? I have a bad knee at my age and it gets painful at times.

    With some surgeries I just dont understand why the doctors dont tell you that you will require a doctor. A friend of mine had surgery and the anastetic (sp?) didn't agree with him. He had to use a cathator for a few days which led to some light incontinence afterwards.

    I never want surgery ... ever .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    Looks like you milked your hospital stay for all it was worth!

    Still, I'd rather be healthy and stay at home than having to go through a surgery just to get a diaper change

    Maybe he didnt have surgery just because he wanted to wear diapers. But since he had surgery he thought what the hell may as well make the time here good or something and asked for diapers

    Pretty smart for being 14 years old, I never thought of it!

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    lol i wanted to use my time wisely.
    oh and i hurt my knee by jumping over a bench chasing a tennis ball(i was playing tennis ball soccer with my friends)and when i landed after jumping over the bench my knee did a 90 degree(right angle) turn to the right (i didnt land right).it was my right knee.
    im going to have an operation in (i think) 1 month to have plastic surgery on my belly gonna see what (tena) diapers i can extract from that operation =)

    and i didnt go to hospital for the diapers i went to get a surgery(and the diapers)

    this was my first surgery ever

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    Hey Mazza,

    I've had 2 surgeries on my right knee because of a car accident. Back in '84, I was in one because someone turned left in front of me on a local highway and I hit them. My car didn't have seat belts, and my knee hit something under the dash. I was having problems with it locking up on me, so after an X-ray, I was told there was a bone fragment floating around in there that had to come out.

    Then in '04, I began having sever pains in my knee again. The cat scan showed a torn maniscus, ( I think that's how it's spelled). I was already in diapers at this point, and this surgery was going to only be a couple of hours long, so it was done as an out-patient. But I had to wear a diaper into the operating room so I didn't pee or pop on their table!

    After my first back surgery in '03, I had physical therapy in the hospital pool, and they were going to do that for my knee as well, until the physical therapy department found out I had to wear diapers. Then I just did regular exercises. I got some funny looks from some of the other patients in there when I would come in in my sweat pants, because you could see the bulge from the diaper and hear the plastic pants.

    All together now, I've had 8 surgeries. Three on my back, two on my right knee, one on my nose and throat for sleep apnea, one on my left elbow and wrist, and one on my right hand. And all but the first three of these I had to be diapered for. The last back surgery and the time I spent in the mental ward for trying to commit suicide were the only times I spent diapered in a hospital as an in-patient. But I was diapered for the out-patient ones in the operating room.

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