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Thread: UK Newbie in the house :-)

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    Default UK Newbie in the house :-)

    Hi there.

    I am a grown man that spends most of my spare time in the gym. No I am not Greek-God muscular or look anything like Arnold, nor do I wish to be. I keep fit because I enjoy the past-time, and it kills off any momentary bouts of depression, which are of little use to man nor beast in my experience.

    I am a serious tech-head, but please I implore you with all my hart and soul, please do not ask me about your computer. I spend endless hours doing this at work, and for friends and family and neighbors, and never is there a bigger untruth in the world than, 'It will just take five minutes!'. Believe me it won't.

    I chose to join ADISC on a complete whim if I were to be completely honest, having surfed across it by mistake and recognised it as an intelligent place to chat. With any luck I might be able to impart many years of Ab/Dl knowledge to those who may need it, and just maybe learn a few things about myself in the process.

    I have known about my condition since I was seven years old. I have met a number of Ab's and one which I currently look after from time to time. I was incontinent until I was 18 years old, so I know how that one feels I can assure you, and it's not the end of the world despite how difficult it is to deal with.

    Though I do not suffer depression per-say, I do suffer from what would appear to be indifference. By this I mean that one minute I am deeply involved with forums such as this, and the next I disappear for months on end. This is absolutely nothing personal, but I have a diverse life-style where other aspects often take over without warning. If I do this and mistakenly annoy anyone here, I humbly ask for your forgiveness here and now.

    What am I looking for then? Well my mind tends to race from one important topic to another, from current affairs, environmentalism, the latest in health care discoveries, to writing short stories that often take over my life, and what at times seems to be an endless stream of visitors and friends.

    However, when I get the opportunity I surf forums such as this and often find posts that have been answered in terms that I believe are incorrect, or insufficient in their response, and I find myself itching to add my own perspective. Especially so when I note that the person asking is frequently someone very young, obviously lost, and in need of some sound advice based on real experiences, not a subjective, agenda based ideal that will only help to confuse, frighten or alienate the poor soul asking the questions. So I guess I want to help by passing on some hard found knowledge and experience.

    I am eccentric, sorry about that, and good examples of this are that I do not have a mobile phone, nor have I ever owned one. I do not watch television, though I do like my movie DVD's/Blue-rays, and my friends and I write on my living room walls, usually amusing anecdotes we have found or simple statements of fact that often get ignored by the general populous. I do not have a facebook account, I do not care about the X-factor, Big brother, simply come dancing, or any other reality show, and neither am I interested in social networking beyond forums such as this.

    So there you have it. I do hope this can become a long and fruitful past-time here at ADISC, but again I ask that you forgive me if I suddenly stop answering posts for long periods of time. Thanks for your interest. OH BTW My avatar picture... I really like the Ben10 artwork, not Ben10 :-)

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    Welcome. I hope you enjoy it here as much as i have.
    And i honestly thought i was the only person who had a problem sticking on things....... nice to know im not so alone in that.

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    Welcome to Adisc. Nice to see another tech guy from the UK and thats a really interesting detailed introduction

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    Hi there Secret and thanks for your post. I am certain that there are many of us out there that find sticking to one thing for any given length of time somewhat arduous. I tend to have one or two main projects that I stick to until the bitter end, no matter how long it takes to complete them, however everything else is distraction that I eventually get around too doing, assuming it is possible in the end. Again thank you for the post, it is good to know my introduction made something of an impression. Take care and GBA :-)

    ---------- Post added at 15:13 ---------- Previous post was at 15:04 ----------

    Hello there LittleNaruto. Thanks for the post, and thanks for the Into review. I did my best in the hopes of not upsetting anyone and getting as much across without going too far. Yep I am a tech-head, though I try not to do more than I need too. I used to program a lot, but I would have to spend a lot of time catching up in that field these days. Now I mainly fix PC's, fault find on networks and keep servers up and running. I note by your profile that you are mildly autistic? I have a nephew who is also autistic, again like you on the high functioning scale. There is a strong belief in my family that he got it from me, as I was what was once called Hyperactive and impossible to control as a child. It tends to explain a lot about me and my life, and I find it difficult to refute the possibility that my family may be right.

    Anyway hope the gameing is going well. I am presently working my way through Assassins Creed Brotherhood (again) on the XBox when I get time, and number 5 on the leader board in Need For Speed Most Wanted.

    Thanks again for the post and don't worry about the incontinence issues, they will get better over time when your body catches up with you.

    Later :-)

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    Hello Ben1000 and a big welcome to ADISC.

    I'm glad you can find spending time in the gym to be a great tool in helping to keep "momentary bouts of depression" in check. I'm also impressed that you're not spending every minute of every day there to become some godly figure with a sculpted body. In other words it sounds like you have a rather healthy fondness of the gym.

    Hehe I hear ya on not having anybody asking you for your help in fixing computers. If I may be so bold, I think I've seen only one five minute fix, which is as follows: unplug power and all accessories, press as many buttons as possible, wait a few moments, reconnect everything, enjoy a working computer again. XD

    Looking over your list of why you're here I couldn't help but notice that you make a mention of writing. Is there anything in particular you like to write about? For me, it's pretty much anything but smutt. Quick question, when you said "short stories that take over your life" , did you mean being overwhelmed with plot ideas -or- the time it takes to get it from the mind to paper/typewriter/computer?

    We should start a club together - the non Facebook and reality show ignoring group. Truth be told I never did understand those two specific items, and I probably never will...

    Great intro by the way. Hope to see you around.

    P.S. The profile avatar is Ben10 Alien Force. (Nerd-side showing :P )

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