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Thread: Oops - first leak!

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    Angry Oops - first leak!

    Title sort of says it all.

    Have not long discovered that I enjoyed wearing, thus have only tried a very few kinds of diapers. Was fortunate enough to meet someone online that had helped be be OK with my wearing them. (Thanks)

    Finally got to spend an entire weekend recently, padded and found it incredibly relaxing.

    With that in mind I've begun to try wearing under my clothing during the day and during normal activities. Of course this lead to a search for something somewhat discrete.

    Found that I love to fit and feel of goodnites, and while I am 6'-3", my waist is only 30" so no problem. Except that they don't hold that much - up til now, no biggie, I just change frequently - but I have also found that I sort of like being really soggy! So, I thought it would be a great idea to add a tena booster pad in front of a goodnites for daytime wear.....

    Guess everyone but me (well me to now) knows that it only gaps the sides open, duh!

    So, I just wet one entire jean leg, in the store.


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    It'll happen That's why you make sure to get abena or dry 24/7 type of diapers. Or to make sure, cloth ^_^ (you'll see that ever since i tried cloth i'm hooked)

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    i have that type of body too, and i've found that it's easier to just find pants that are slightly baggier than you'd normally wear.
    hides thick diapers with no trouble at all
    (you'll probably still be paranoid about it, but it's fine)

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    You'll find that there's a trade-off between absorbency and discreetness, and each one of us has a preferred place on the scale. There are the very discreet goodnites and adult pull-up style which may not even hold one soaking, and then there are the super-thick and not discreet at all X-Plus, Dry 24/7, etc. which will last for hours. For day wear I use Abena Supers, somewhat discreet but still absorbent. Loose-cut jeans and pleated pants help, too.

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    Even wearing the most absorbent type of diaper I can get hold of I still get the occasional leak. I wear plastic pants over my disposable and they've saved me a few times. They'll not stop a full on flood but they can catch a bit of a puddle

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