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    Hi everyone,

    It's great to be here and part of this community. I've enjoyed reading the posts, and it's a privilege to join.

    I enjoy all kinds of music, especially attending live concerts. I also play some instruments, myself.

    I look forward to reading many more great posts in the forum and contributing to some posts, too. It's always good when we can help others and feel like we're not alone.

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    G'day mate,

    welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy it here. From your username I assume your into classical music? I'm getting more into that lately too, especially as I work often in remote locations and ABC Classic is the best channel you can get on AM. But annoyingly I never remember the names of the pieces I like when I hear them to follow them up.
    What instruments do you play? To my shame I have to admit I newer learned one, which I regret.
    I guess Schroeder is then your favorite Peanuts character, eh?


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    Hi, Chucky. Thanks for the welcome. Yes, I like classical music, and I'm glad you do, too. I play piano and really enjoy it. As far as following up on the pieces you hear on the radio, try to listen for composers' names. Classical music often doesn't have catchy titles, and they use lots of numbers, kind of like a library system, but if you can remember the composers' names and the instruments you hear, you have a place to start. I checked out ABC Classic's website, and they have a music listing for each day, too.

    It's good to be here, and yes, Schroeder is my favorite Peanuts character!

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    Thanks for looking that up, I have to check the ABC website when I'm back home from the field (internet out here is terribly slow).

    Good to see that there are more Peanuts fans here. So do you then also have Beethoven and a groupie named Lucy lying on your piano when playing?

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    Growing up, I did have Mozart on my piano. However, I never had the fortune/misfortune of a Lucy-like girl around. Music is a good way to meet people, though, and I've made many good musician friends over the years.

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