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    I've searched for previous threads but found no prior threads about this:

    So, I was thinking. It might be somewhat helpful for members to have a thread with approximate order and delivery times and the area they are from (Southern Ohio,,,,Eastern Wisconsin,,,Central Indianan) That way, others will have a ballpark idea of when to expect a diaper delivery for their area. For example, when I lived in Ohio, an order from XPmedical took about a week to receive. Having moved to Wisconsin, I now get my order in about 3 days. IF enough people post this kind of information, it might help others out when planning an order and delivery plan.

    East Central Wisconsin:
    XPmedical order takes about 3 days to receive.
    no current experience ordering from anyone else.

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    What little info I have:

    West Michigan:
    XP Medical orders usually arrive overnight from their Holland warehouse
    HDIS orders take about 3 days (last one was in 2007)

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    Having worked in a shipping department for a while, I'll refer you to this website. Ground Time-in-Transit Maps It's the time in transit map site for UPS ground. Enter your zip code, and you'll see a map showing time in transit from your home. If you know the location of the shipper, you can enter their zipcode and find out the same to your home. Here's the one for FedEx Ground. FedEx Ground | Ground Transit Information | Ground Service Maps I hope this is helpful.

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