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Thread: Doctors?

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    Smile Doctors?

    So I'm sure there is fears/phobias thread, not too sure about something as specific as this.

    What are your thoughts about doctors? Whether it just be a normal family doctor, clinic, specialist (such as psychiatrist), dentist, optometrist, etc...

    I absolutely love doctors. I like knowing that I'm alright and healthy, I like getting things fixed if they aren't right, etc... Actually when I think about it I'm a bit OCD when it comes to appointments. My eye visits are on the year, every year, my 6month teeth cleaning is exactly every 6 months. I love love it.

    I'm also kinda a baby when it comes to being sick. I go to the clinic for the littlest of things, even if it's just the sniffles. But oddly enough - I don't like taking medicine, and I usually won't unless I absolutely have to.

    I also don't mind my psychiatrist. I only see him so he has a "file" because he has given me some sleeping pills, (which I don't even take) but i enjoy our little chats about Harry Potter. :P

    Just thought I'd bring this up since I go on Tuesday to get my wisdom teeth out (Impacted, digging through gum and bone to get them all out) and I'm being put to sleep, and I'm actually looking forward to it.

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    I don't mind going to the doctor. I don't really care if I have to get surgery. I'll worry about it after I wake up after the surgery and see what kind of shape I'm in. My mom is always confused when I have to get surgery because I'm calm as can be and she's a nervous wreck, when I'm the one getting the surgery. I had to have my wisdom teeth removed surgically also. My upper wisdom teeth were even way up into my sinus as far as can be and I still didn't mind the recovery from the surgery. I wasn't allowed to blow my nose for two weeks because it would start a nose bleed due to the removing teeth from my sinus. What was the first thing I did? I went and got a cold. The recovery still didn't bother me much though even with that cold. Best of luck with your surgery, I'm sure all will go well.

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    i don't trust psychiatrists due to an issue with a previous one (family councilor), but as far as doctors go i like going in for physicals as long as they don't draw blood. i'm really sensitive to pain sometimes, but i (and i know this is going to sound bad but) i like it when they do the breathing test with the stethoscope. it relaxes me nearly to sleep.

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    My medical history fits onto one A4 sheet, I guess. My last visit to the doc was 2 years ago for foot fungus, but I only went twice and saw him for like 1.5 minutes on each visit. I denied coming back a third time for a final check up as that would have costed me another 10 Euros in deductibles. 10 Euros for a 1.5 minute visit...personal slaves cost less than that!

    The doctor visit before that was back in 1999 for updating immunization shots.

    The visit before that...kinda hazy memories, but I think that'S for getting my ingrown toenail removed when I was like 12 or 13.

    Haven't seen a dentist in over a decade


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    i had a knee reconstruction a month ago (torn main ligament in right knee,i had the ligament replaced with some of my ham-string)
    and i wasn't nervous at all.
    i stayed home from school for 3 weeks afterwards =)
    and when i was at the hospital overnight(2 nights) i asked to be diapered because i wet the bed and they asked me if i needed help to put the "pad" on and i said yes and that i didn't want to risk leaking in my diaper and the (hot)nurse put a Tena slip maxi Medium diaper on me(wich held 1 wetting(i found this out by wetting in it 2 times and leaking,i had to ask for a change because i leaked and she changes my sheets with another nurse and than my diaper ,and she put a large diaper on me which held 2 wettings).(the medium fit me Perfectly)
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    I'm just glad doctors of all types are leaning away from the white lab coats.

    When I was 2 years old I was in a rather serious auto-accident and I was hospitalised for some time. I was soooooo terrified of doctors and nurses when I was finally released that I wouldn't even let my own father near me wearing a white shirt until he went and changed. We're talking some serious business here!

    That said, with the turn to blue & green & multi-prints for doctors and nurses and with most doctors just wearing a shirt & tie (with trousers of course!)...I'm not bothered so much.

    I've had to have surgery a few times...I actually enjoy a hospital relaxes me! hehehe The only thing I don't like...NEEDLES! I don't like it when they use needles to inject stuff into me and I don't like it when they use needles to take stuff (blood) outta me, which really sucks because with the new meds I'm on I have to have my blood drawn every 2 weeks now (it was every week the first few weeks). UGH!!!

    I frequent the walk-in clinic and my GP's office....more like 'haunt' them...I keep saying I'm just gonna move right in. Although the last time I was at the walk-in clinic I had a MAJOR panic maybe goin' there isn't such a good thing. That wasn't related to seeing a doctor tho'.

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    I was in and out of hospital a lot when I was younger, so I'm used to doctors and all that jazz. I'm still a bit iffy about getting needles, but I can deal with it if I have to.

    One thing I never got over, however, is the smell of hospitals. It churns my stomach to the point where I need to step out and get some fresh air.

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    I have no problem with doctors that you go see when you have a cold but I hate dentist and I hate hospitals.

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    The only kind of doctor that I really don't like visiting is the dentist. I just don't like it. That said, every other doctor is fine.

    I don't even remember the last time I got sick enough to visit a doctor.

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    I'm scared of seeing doctors because I've been so few times I don't really know how to see one...

    Dentists I'm fine with (except for the fact that you have pay them!), I'm not really keen on people messing around in my mouth but I've had braces so I've got used to that. I've never been to a specialist or anything, just the GP (general doctor (practitioner), they know everything).

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