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Thread: Does childish interests make someone an AB?

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    Default Does childish interests make someone an AB?

    I have always been child like. I like kid shows, like kid things like Happy Meals and I like to color and I like kid movies. I also tend to like kid like clothes. I wear what i feel is right even though I do have teen clothes and I hardly dress my age. But I also have a childish attitude and behavior and don't even realize it but maybe that is part of my Asperger's since people with it tend to be more immature emotionally and socially. My husband says I am even like a teen at times because of my attitude. But he considers all this as me being an AB and what makes me one. He says I am pretty much one all the time because of the way I act.

    But really, I think me liking kid shows and kid movies and childish things has nothing to do with being an AB because I have always been this way, same as my child likeness. Even my ex felt like he was with a baby or with a small child because of it so he acted like I was retarded because of how he felt. But my husband doesn't mind it. He likes it. He is a daddy type anyway so that's why.

    To me it's insulting because it's like calling people with mental retardation children (well my mother does consider them that) but we don't call them adult babies, especially people who have minds of babies. We don't call elderlies adult babies just because they suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's and are going through second childhood. We sure don't call anyone adult babies who need to be taken care of because they have cerebral palsy or are in a wheel chair and can't care for themselves or because they are sick and need care for temporarily. So calling me one for my childlikeness or childish interests or for how I function is insulting. it doesn't really bother me what my husband labels me but it's still insulting but all it matters is he still accepts me for who I am so I don't really care how he sees it. Maybe I just feel critical about it because of my ex and how he treated me so I find it insulting but I don't let it bother me in my marriage for how my husband sees it because he accepts it. But I still end up arguing with him about it.

    Are you naturally childlike and do you consider it as you being an AB? What about your childish interests?

    I don't find it insulting when people label themselves as an AB for what they like or for who they are. Same as if any mentally handicapped people or people with autism label themselves as one just because of their childishness or for how they function. But hey I consider myself a big kid or an adult teen depending on how I am feeling.

    I can make me watching shows as part of me being AB because I can drink out of a bottle and watch them if that makes sense. But if I am not in AB mode and I am watching cartoons, I don't see that as me being an AB.

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    From my point of view you're only an adult baby if you think you're an adult baby. If you have childish interests that only means one thing - that you have childish interests.

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    All ABs have childish interests. having childish interests doesnt mean you are AB altho it is strongly suggestive. What exactly defines and AB? nappies we take for granted, but what else?

    So how do you define an AB exactly?

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    I thought an AB is when someone pretends to be a baby or has the desire to be.

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    In one way or another i think everyone still have some childish tendancies to them just some people dont let them out

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    I am the same in many ways as you. I still collect Disney movies & cant sleep with out my teddy bears & have been called a child & was told I was acting like one by both my kids & wife.....& well lots of other people in fact :P I do not consider myself AB at all just that I have a love for life & just love to have fun! Sounds like you are doing the same

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    I'm not an ab, but I like cute thing. Mostly cute things that try to destroy each other, but cute things nonetheless.

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    Honestly, these days liking childish things can hardly be linked to AB/TB. It just seems this is a time where everybody embraces their youth-like tendancies, and like to remember their childhood (which is why you see many high schoolers with kiddy backpacks, speeking 'baby-talk', and watching a lot of old kids shows).

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    I think Calico, that in your case, a lot of things are at play. Certainly your Asperger's plays a part in this. This can be impacted by social development, and that may apply to many of us who like childish things, such as cartoons, coloring, but who don't have Asperger's. My conjecture is that because of emotional development, there are varying degrees of childish behavior and desires to regress, or revisit things we did as children.

    I've always been a late bloomer, and even as a 63 year old, I have an overt childish part to my personality. I try not to show it at work or in public, but I don't hide it at home, and there it comes out naturally. In other words, it's not contrived our acted out. It's just who I am. And why not. If you can believe the Bible, we must be a little child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. There is a beauty and innocence to genuine childish behavior. Who's to say what our personality will be in the next reality? Maybe we are just preparing ourselves.

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    for me i always liked cartoons and action figures and the such but i know it has nothing to do with me being an AB. im just a geek

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