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Thread: Ive seen a Neighbour in a diaper > How do I ask him if hes a DL

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    Default Ive seen a Neighbour in a diaper > How do I ask him if hes a DL

    We live in an apartment complex and most people hang their laundry out on their balcony to dry. Recently a new family moved in on the 3rd floor opposite our block and the other day i was looking up at their unit early in the morning when i saw the boy (who is about 15) come out on the balcony in only a Drinite and PJ top to get a some laundry off the line. This also happenned yesterday again

    He was definately wearing a Drinite though i couldnt see if it was wet or not.

    I have also noticed that on a Saturday they often hang a blue coloured matress protector on the line as well with the laundry.

    I dont know the new kid and he goes to a different school . How can I find out if hes a DL or just a bedwetter and what do I say.

    It would be cool if he was a DL though i dont want to make an idiot of myself if hes not

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    From what it sounds like hes a bedwetter

    Just leave it alone, Comfronting him will make it sound like your watching him (creeper style) and then humiliate him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orcaway View Post
    Just leave it alone, Comfronting him will make it sound like your watching him (creeper style) and then humiliate him.
    ...which, as he is a neighbor, could circle back pretty quickly and make your life (and your parents' lives) uncomfortable. Like Orcaway said, best to leave it!

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    Just out of curiosity - and I'd like to see others opinions...
    If you see him around the same times, maybe you can think of a way to ~discreetly~ let him see somehow that you wear - and then leave it up to him to ask you? Without making it obvious of course. If he sees something of yours, it should be like an 'accident' the same way you saw him is what I'm thinking. Out of curiosity, was the PJ top "kiddie" or plain "adult"? Maybe that could also provide a clue?
    -- Last idea would be to just meet him if he's that close in a "regular" way and you might just make a friend first?

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    The mattress protector I'll buy. It doesn't have to be a bedwetting problem. People use mattress protectors for other reasons too. But are you sure he's not just wearing regular briefs? Even when I have glasses on I can't see that well and the brain has a funny way of tricking you into thinking you've seen something you want to see.

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    I wouldn't expect a teen not to go to considerable effort to hide their bedwetting. I can't imagine one stepping out into the public however early in the morning in just a diaper unless they're a bit of an exhibitionist.

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    I wouldn't say anything. If he's a bedwetter, then he's probably embarrassed, and dosnt want anybody to find out. Pulling laundry off your balcony in only a Drynight is wreckless and a sure fire way to get noticed, but it dosnt mean that he wants anybody to see the diaper. He could of just been acting lazy, and not wanting to go through the trouble of getting dressed, just to take some laundry off of the balcony, where people usually arnt being watched. I'm not saying that you were creeping on him, but saying something could make you come off as weird, and creepy, and make him very uncomfertable and embarrassed. If he doe's end up being a DL, saying something isnt smart as well because there is no way of knowing that he wants you to know.

    One think you could do is just make friends with him, and eventually share thoughts on the matter.

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    You can introduce yourself to the neighbors and welcome them to the neighborhood. Ask him if he wants to hang out sometime. Don't even bring up the diapers or anything, just get to know him first.

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    I agree with Rocketman2222, just become friends and invite him to a sleepover some time. if you refuses making a lame excuse tell him uve seen him in his drynites and u dont care hes a bedwetter.

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    I agree, leave the poor boy alone. Don't let your curiosity make you do something that may have a negative affect. One, you could embarrass the boy, secondly, he could tell his parents what he was asked and then what do you say when the parents knock on your day asking you what is wrong with you, and also, like stated above, it would come across as being nosey and spying on you fellow neighbors.

    On the other side, I like the idea of becoming friends with him, and then if you get along, then invite him over for a slumber party or something.

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