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Thread: Little Kid Backpack in College?

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    Default Little Kid Backpack in College?

    Hey guys, so Im thinking about using some of my little kid bags in college. I mentioned in another post abou ab stuff in college, well I may have found a lil somethin somethin to help me out...BACKPACKS!! I have a batman, spiderman, and buzz lightyear backpack, and I decided to go home this weekend. You think I should bring them back to school with me? Will I get judged? What will people think?

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    i have seen lots of people walk around with odd backpacks in college. even saw one guy in a class that had a care bear one with him every day. so i dont see why not

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    I see cartoon/movie-related backpacks all the time. I know seen elmo and toy story (off the top of my head), and I'm sure have been more. Go for it!

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    Here its not uncommon to see a guy about 16-18 with a kids backback with toystory, cars, or anyother kids cartoon/movie it. Sometimes even girls bags

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    I took a Sonic the Hedgehog backpack to university lectures. No one cared in the slighted.

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    in one of my classes at the same school al goodnites11 I see one guy who uses a ninja turtle backpack he uses every day. At a large enough university you will just blend into the crowd.

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    A friend of mine that just started working on his PhD carries a Pokemon bag, so if you want to carry a "kid's" bag, go for it.

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    You might be judged but i see tons of people with little kid bookbags at my college

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    Well I think I am going to do it, i mean, college is conisdered your "last time" to be a kid and have fun, mightest welll live it up

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    I actually still have my backpack from kindergarten. Oddly. O.o It's all black, though, so it's not too odd to walk around with.

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