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Thread: If you know you're damned, is there any reason to keep trying?

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    Default If you know you're damned, is there any reason to keep trying?

    and I don't mean becoming a murderer.

    I'm agnostic, I believe in the paranormal.
    I support gay marriage, despite being asexual.
    and I'm a fur, and adult baby.

    and according to multiple religions, (and several different counscelors), this means I'm damned.

    So the question is, if you know you're damned is there any reason to keep trying to be good?

    Under any other circumstances, what was drilled into me since birth is considered brainwashing, would my "religion" be any different?

    when you cant believe it anymore, what's left to believe?

    edit: i've just been kind of depressed over this. figured it was worth seeing other's takes on it (since it describes more than a few of us). if you're offended, sorry, but I can't find a delete button.
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    theres always a reason. if you feel what your doing is write than go for it and besides people almost always place there personal views on other (that includes counselors too)

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    Well according to the Bible the only one who can pass judgement on you is the Lord.

    So to say to not try does not make much sense.

    But yes, you should always try to be your best.

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    I don't think that it means in any way that you're "damned."
    you're holding yourself to the standards of religions which you don't belong to, and it's silly to think that you have to.

    the point is, you're not doing any harm to anybody, by any means.
    you support gay marriage? if "everyone is created equally" then shouldn't everybody be allowed the same freedoms?
    if you're a furry- i am too. it's really no more than the fact that you think cartoon animals are cool. is that bad?
    about being an ab- what you do in your spare time isn't anybody else's business. It is not for others to decide what is good and what is bad for you.

    I'm agnostic because I hold the belief that if there is a God, then he's going to love everybody for who they are. it's simply silly (IMHO) for some people to say that you have to do this, this, this, and that in order to not be sent to hell for all eternity.
    I believe that if you try to be a good person, then you shouldn't be judged on what society deems "normal" or "okay."

    here's a thought to ponder: if everyone was raised from birth to believe that it's perfectly okay to use diapers for your whole life, then would that mean that everyone would end up in (insert eternal punishment here)?

    tl;dr don't feel bad for something that's perfectly okay to do.
    i hope you feel better about this.

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    I don't see anything there to be damned over. Put it in perspective. There are people in this world who do horrible things, unimaginable things, they are monsters. And you worry about being a furry or liking diapers or having doubt? If people are damned because they don't have the morals and convictions of Jesus, then Jesus is very lonesome in heaven right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terciel View Post
    So the question is, if you know you're damned is there any reason to keep trying to be good?
    the reason is simply that you aren't alone in this world and that everybody impacts upon you, as you impact upon them.
    if you didn't behave goodly (however the term is defined), you would probably find yourself being hunted, beaten and shot in the head, like a certain someone was recently. of course, others, of a more sadistic ilk, may keep you alive to torment you for years.
    so, regardless of your belief, or not, in an afterlife or a god, it pays to be good.

    with regard to the 'advice' you've previously been given, bear in mind that those people are mainly just the shop assistants of an ideology and don't really know nor understand what it is they're selling; they just regurgitate what they've been told.

    on a more internal level, and in keeping with the mantra of several religions, there's always someone watching what you do......and what you think. more practically, that 'someone' is going to be you - you will look back, in later years, and have to deal with the regrets, shame and guilt of your earlier actions and thoughts.
    believe in ghosts of the past.

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    Nope, you're not damned. And yes, you should try to be a good human.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terciel View Post
    I believe in the paranormal.
    I support gay marriage, despite being asexual.
    I'm a adult baby.
    As do I.

    Quote Originally Posted by Terciel View Post
    and according to multiple religions, (and several different counselors), this means I'm damned.
    Fuck 'em. Don't be depressed over something that religion say that you should never do. Don't listen to people on how to live your life. Live how you want to.
    Even ignore this post cos I'm telling you how you should live your life.
    Even ignore me telling you to ignore what I said about...
    And again...

    Well, just take it as advice or point of view.

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    Damned I'm for rejecting forced religion, found the worst crimb of my life. I believe my things and nobody has any permision to doing some scrap from that material. Is my scrap.

    OK, just somthing more important: Is indiferent which is your religion (or mix of them,) when you're always respecting others. And isn't really inportant, if you prefere Yehova, Shiva, Budha, Mahoma or Satanas. Just are only names.

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    Butterfly Mage


    It is true that there are multiple religions that say :My way or the Highway", but there are also multiple religions that believe that God love you even if you don't acknowledge God. The former judge whether you can ape the words "I love Jesus" or "Allah" or whoever. The latter kinds of religions say that it is the content of your character that matters. For example, Wicca and Buddhism are much more concerned with character than deistic loyalty.

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