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Thread: What' The THICKEST DIAPER??

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    Default What' The THICKEST DIAPER??

    Title says it all :-D I have some Cushies and Super Dry Kids on the way and I'm pretty sure they'll be thicker than the usual Depends Maxi that I usually wear But I want a diaper that is REALLY THICK one that you can't forget you're wearing between your legs like you're a baby :-D thanks in advance everyone :-D

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    Thanks for your quick response :-D the help is very much apreciated :-)

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    The fabile (abu) is supposed to be the thickest in production, but they're taking their sweet time delivering. :P Bambino is also reportedly making a record-breaker new design, but no one knows how it will really stack up against the fabine, I wonder if I can sign up to be a product tester?

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