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    any simmers on here? i've played almost every sims game out there (all on console, because i have a really crappy computer with no memory :P) and the Sims 3 PS3 is my fave by far

    there's so much more in this game, even in build/buy alone! but i think the whole traits thing is my favorite part of TS3.

    so, what are your sims like? What are their careers and traits? even post pictures if you have any of them!

    i have a family with 5 sims. All are level 10 of their careers. Two in medicine, one in music and one in professional sports. The other is a teenager and she's on the honor roll.

    Their traits are as follows;

    Chelsea (music) - excitable, technophobe, artistic, genius, and loves the outdoors

    Adam (medicine) - friendly, genius, artistic, over-emotional and perfectionist

    Alice (a pre-made sim but i got her to move in w/ my family) (medicine) - loser, workaholic, genius, hopeless romantic and easily impressed

    Drew (sports) - coward, neurotic, neat, athletic and vegetarian

    Fanny (high school student) - insane, clumsy, brave, good sense of humor

    i'll take a pic tomorrow of the 5 of them together and post it

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    I didn't really enjoy The Sims 3 much. It had a feature I'd wanted so long (seamless integration between neighbourhood and live mode), but at a cost that made it not worth it. I used to always play multiple families in each neighbourhood, because it made building friends for your sims so they get promoted in their jobs easier, and it also meant that you could have some variety rather than playing the same family over and over again. But the sims 3 made that style of play so much harder than it was in earlier games. I also missed all the features expansion packs to Sims 2 (and for that matter Sims 1) added over the years that were lost by going to a vanilla game again - universities, holidays, running a business etc.

    Other than that, the amount of items were much more limited than a sims game with as many expansions as I had for previous games. While yes, the amount of designs is much higher because of the ability to retexture every item with a custom texture in game, the amount of models is much lower, and besides, it's hard to make a realistic and decent looking texture. I guess the ability to retexture everything bright pink would be nice for my sissy side, but that'd get old really quickly too.

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