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Thread: oh- that's nifty.

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    Default oh- that's nifty.

    I can fit into Pull-ups 4T-5T which are "for 32+ lbs" and yet, Underjams XL can hold up to 58 pounds.. I'm gonna get me some of those!

    anyone know what the prints are like on Underjams?

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    Weight doesn't have to do with if they fit...It's more in relation to how much they can hold...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Weight doesn't have to do with if they fit...It's more in relation to how much they can hold...
    Actually, it's more in relation to your measurments. You can be 200 pounds, but 6'5" and still have underjams fit you, when someone who is 170 pounds and is 5'5" can't even get one leg in.

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    I don't go pee in my diaper usually; I just love to wear cute diapers under my clothes without underwear covering them so I can feel like one wrong move might expose it a little bit.

    so I ask you- what are the prints like on boys' Underjams? I love the Cars on Pull-Ups, but if Underjams fit a little better without sacrificing the cute prints, I'd go for them.

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    They are a weird pea green on the sides, and one is a sports print, but I think they have a another print too.

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    I always thought they were like Wild West prints. I didn't like them at all. Goodnites and Pull-Ups both have much better prints, in my opinion.

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    The other Underjam print is a turntable. They're also very (very!) low cut, so you'll have to take your pants off if you want to expose it.

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    Yeah, the UJs aren't good if you have a plumber crack. They did take a full bladder (about 8 hours is a full bladder for me), while I was laying on my stomach...So in conclusion, they have about two times more absorbency than Pull Ups.

    They have more "mature" prints than Pull Ups. To be honest, I wouldn't recommend them for teens or adults.

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    hahaha.. thanks for the responses- I think I'll stick with Pull-Ups just because I can't find any UnderJams at local stores; I just love the idea of theoretically being able to fit into a non-adult diaper, though. Pull-Ups I can fit into, but I either have to wear them low, which is pretty uncomfortable, or wear two at once, which is extremely comfortable and looks really cute, but takes about 10 minutes to work out.

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