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Thread: How Many *b/dl Are There?

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    Default How Many *b/dl Are There?

    This was inspired by COCOHLEN

    How could we figure out how many *b/dl's are out there? Are my gloomy estimates out of whack? I hope so...

    If we can base any conclusions on the number of people using forums, I think an appropriate country might be Sweden. or another scandinavian country for these reasons:

    1. The country should be pretty much monolingual and the native language not being too widespread outside the country. One could assume that monolingual native-speakers would stick to forums of their native tongue. All languages have spillover into neighbouring countries, and most languages are intelligible to a reasonable degree to speakers of other similar tongues.
    2. One would want to pick a country with a small population, say 10 000 000 or under to minimise the ratio of forums to population, thus reducing the problem of membership across several boards. This would also make statistical sampling more significant.
    3. I have a gut feeling that one wants to consider a developed country. I bet infantilistic tendencies are a part of human nature, like x-dressing. But for there to be a diaper fetish, diapers would have to be different from regular clothing. If absolutely everyone in a culture wears loincloths, say, or grass skirts, or runs around naked, I think fetishistic attachment to a diaper as an item of clothing must be less likely. Whether one likes terry cloth/plastic pants, plastic-backed disposables, or goodnights, the smell, sound, texture are intrinsic to the fetish. (If say, men and women all wore the same clothes in a culture could there even be x-dressing?) So I would look at a country with a history of "western-style" diapers being the cultural norm.
    4. Obviously the country must be "wired" ie there must be reasonably high internet penetration.
    5. A liberal democracy would be helpful, where there is a reasonably high acceptance of non-conformity, and freedom of association, and free speech exist.
    6. Population density should be high overall.
    7. The country should be reasonably wealthy and free of strife, with consumer goods available. I suspect the middle east is full of people with *b/dl tendencies, but (in the strife-torn bits) people have "more important" things to think about. Countries, or parts of countries where people earn a subsistence living will not only have a population without money to spend on non-necessities but the people wouldn't have the free time (or privacy) to devote to such activities.

    Japan might also be a good candidate.

    Any ideas?
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    I posted a response to the probability in the other post (the one the Raccoon linked to in his post here) response is on the second page if you want to read it. :-D

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    Some way or another, I'm unsure how you're ever going to calculate something like that.. my best bet is to oppose internet users against all members of all diaper communities.. so you'll get:

    AB/TB/DL member amount/amount of internet users, which will probably end up being something like:
    100 000 / 920 000 000 = 1 out of 9200.

    These are quite optimistic figures I must say. I'm getting the 100 000 from the fact diaper-boys has over 18 000 users right now, and I'm quite confident to say there are a LOT more than that. The 920 000 000 is the amount of internet users in the top 20 countries. As in,, the amount of users in the top 20 internet usage countries, which are mainly the most developped countries (UK, US, china, japan, germany, italy, canada). So, we can say roughly 1 out of 10 000 people is probably a TB/AB/DL, or 0.01% of everyone. I'm unsure how these numbers work in reality, but I can't do any better in 5 minutes of research XD

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    1 out of 10,000 sounds doable. I know of three total infantillist in the county I live in, and with 120,000 people in said county, I have a rate of 1 in 40,000. However, I certainly don't know everyone in the county, and what turns them on, so my numbers are moot.

    From a recent book I did read, between 16-19% percent of US folks claim to have a fetish of some sort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babymullet Ver 1.0 View Post
    1 out of 10,000 sounds doable. I know of three total infantillist in the county I live in, and with 120,000 people in said county, I have a rate of 1 in 40,000. However, I certainly don't know everyone in the county, and what turns them on, so my numbers are moot.

    From a recent book I did read, between 16-19% percent of US folks claim to have a fetish of some sort.
    16% of the US population has a fetish? XD I honestly can't believe that, because anyone I've met had some sort of fetish, but I guess old people have no clue what it is most of the time

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    From a recent book I did read, between 16-19% percent of US folks claim to have a fetish of some sort.
    If that it, I'm pissed.

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    Well it depends on your definition of fetish. If you use it very loosely as in you prefer one form of body parts or sex acts compared to another (e.g. Breasts, buttocks, hair color, or even oral, anal, vaginal sex) then there is an estimate of 200 million people in America have a fetish (nearly every adult)

    Obviously, this figure has some drawbacks. One can not put a likening towards schoolgirl costumes with a diaper fetish. Alfred Kinsey, who published the largest study of human sexuality in males and females in the US (his study lead to the sexual revolution in the 60's), his study found that 30 % of couples enjoy some sort of BDSM in their personal life.

    There is no one number on how many fetishist there are in the world. We're also at the immense disadvantage that no one talks about this in public, for a lot of reasons. The estimate of 'hard-core fetishists' (Another term that is not defined in the study I'm reading) in america is at 7%. I'm going to guess that there is at least another 7% to 'soft core' fetishes, and who knows how many for 'even softer core fetishes'

    Take that figure with a grain of salt, as the study had really loose definitions.

    The short answer: I have no idea.

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    Absolutely right!! Everything depends on one's definition. Something like furryism or bdsm is so broad - there are so many takes on them, so many variations, that definitions are vague and wooly. Luckily for us "diapers for fun" (excluding or including convenience) is rather more limited in scope: yer fer it or not. It is also nicely limited in degree: if yer fer it, how enthusiastic are you? Something like a hair fetish is harder to define in degree or scope. At one end are the guys who can only get turned on by holding, examining, touching, smelling a lock of hair detached from a body. At the other end is anyone who likes to fondle the hair of their lover during the loving. In between may be the guy who likes to have a lock of his wife's hair around when she isn't, because it reminds him of her. Some prefer blondes: are they fetishists?

    I think trying to determine the number of diaper fetishists is more likely doable; though rather than numbers, the answer will come out in statistics: which will look something like "between x & y percent of a defined population will be into diapers z percent of the time." The last bit is "confidence level." So if you looked at, say, cities of 10 000, you might be able to say that most of them will have between 1 and 10 dl's living there. How many dl's live in a city depends on any number of factors. A city close to a frequent location of diaper conventions (See may have more because people moved there. A city known to be gay-friendly may have more gay dl's. And so on.

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    Well from a psycology standpoint.

    I'd say 1/100 people have some sort of *B
    1/1000 is in it as deep as us.
    Think about it:
    People always reminisce about the good ol' Days.
    Little kids LOVE to play house, and some kid is ALWAYS the baby..
    1/10 kids will fight potty training.
    1/20 kids will relapse on potty training by CHOICE (1/10 kids has a sibling born within their first year of potty training. If you are a parent you know this as the "swing back stage" it will usually be brief and sporratic )
    Humans are programmed to enjoy being nurtured, and cared for. (Why do you think babies are so happy)
    ALL of us felt alone in this before we dared look on the internet.

    So really... I think this is shockingly common. But our social norms are just too strict for most and they repress it.

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