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    I have the possibility of writing TOEIC exam. I don't know what should I do? What give me this exam? Is it helpful in reality? Is there anybody who passed this exam? I'll be grateful for any opinions about this exam.

    PS.: One of the pros is that, I don't have pay for it. It's free for me.

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    I had to Google it to see what you meant: Test of English for International Communication

    I am happy to tell you that I can understand your English easily. I do not know how difficult the test is, so I recommend you go find some study guides and practice tests before you take the real TOEIC exam, especially if you only have one chance to do it. I don't know how many people here have taken the TOEIC exam.

    ADISC is a great place to practice your "business English"! People here are discouraged from using "textspeak", and many people put a lot of effort into well-written posts, articles, and blogs. There are some Clubs here that are for practicing non-English languages, and quite a few bilingual/multilingual people.

    Have you looked at the Simple English Wikipedia? It contains articles that are written with a more basic set of words. I would like to learn more German, and I wish they had a Simple German Wikipedia also, but they don't... ;-)

    ... Oops, I didn't notice you'd been around ADISC so long already. You already know most of what I wrote then. :-) I hope you do great, and I hope your TOEIC certificate helps you with the work you want to do in the future!
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    Best advice I can offer comes from Ben Franklin
    Take a sheet of paper, divide it the long way down the center into two columns. Title one Pro, the other Con; or For and Against, or whatever works for you. Then write down the appropriate sorts of reasons in each column. Give it some time, a few hours or a few days. Franklin used to go down the Pro side, and cross off each item along with what he felt were an appropriately balancing number of Con items. Which ever side ended up with items left over was how he went. You can use whatever decision making process you want, but I find this help to clarify my thinking.

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    I took the exam, it's not really hard (I scored 910) and will make a new line on your CV ;-)
    Not that useful, but if you can take it for free, go for it!

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    Wow, congratulations Mickael! I understand that 910 is in the highest score bracket :-)

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    Thanks whisko, but I still have a lot to learn ;-)

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