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    Hi everyone,

    I'm Laetitia and just joined ADISC. I began wearing diapers during car trips. This was largely because we would all need to go to the toilet at different times so we would have to pull over every 20mins or so. This caused my parents to make us wear goodnites. I was 13 at the time, now I am 18 and when I go with my parents on roadtrips they still make me wear, but now I wear Abena xplus. I've grown to really enjoy wearing diapers and often wear for fun around the house.

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    Okay. Welcome to the forum.

    First thing I would recommend is expanding your intro a bit. Everyone who comes to this site is either into diapers or has some other vested interest in them, hence the desire to seek out a forum for people with said interest. What we want to know is the rest of you.

    Job? Hobbies? Etc.

    Secondly, your story sounds like one of those blurry lines between reality and fiction. I'm not saying it didn't happen, but you're going to get a lot of doubtful responses here if you open up with "I was past toileting age and my parents made me wear diapers at thirteen".

    It's one thing if you have a developmental disability. But most parents would not encourage their children to wear diapers, even on a roadtrip and they certainly wouldn't insist that their grown up children do so unless there were handicapped issues.

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    My parents no longer insist that I do, I now choose to wear on road trips for the convenience. My parents made me and my brothers wear because they were strict and had very little regard for dignity. Yes I had strict parents, is that sooo unbelievable?

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    I think it's more that most parents wouldn't dream about putting their children back in diapers unless it was a last resort.

    I would say for most people diapers have a stigma attached to them. Diapers are for babies etc. Indeed throughout my childhood I got caught wearing diapers and was more viewed as a problem. It never went as far as sending me to a psychiatrist but they were concerned about it.

    I would think having strict parents would make it more likely that they would be against the idea.

    Were they only ok with you wearing in the car or wearing at any time?

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    welcome to adisc,
    as mentioned above do you have other interests or hobbys


    Quote Originally Posted by Laetitiamdz View Post
    Yes I had strict parents, is that sooo unbelievable?
    as strict as yor telling us yes it is sooo unbelievable

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    My hobbies include swimming (I live in southern california), playing tennis, hockey and sometimes basketball. I love going to concerts with friends in LA and since starting College last month have become interested in student activism.

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