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Thread: Hospital diapers, your experiences?

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    Default Hospital diapers, your experiences?

    About those hospital diapers, you might as well be wearing a paper towel with a sandwich baggy over it, they're such crap! I had to use those when I had my last back surgery, and I swear I've never had on a more useless diaper in my life. The first week of my stay I was catheterized, because I was in ICU, but when I came out, they put these hospital diapers on me. I only peed in them for the next week cuz I was so constipated, but they had to change my sheets at least once a day, if not more on some. And once I was finally freed of the constipation, well, let's just say that these things weren't designed by anyone that knows the first thing about what bowel incontinence really is!

    Has anyone ever had a good experience with them?

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    Haha, I had my experience in 3rd grade when I got hit by a car while riding my bike over to my friends house. I was passed out for 8 hours before I awoke and they placed a hospital diaper on me. They sucked so bed and the bad I was in was drenched because I had wet my self several times during those 8 hours I was passed out. Luckily I had no broken bones but just a bunch of bruises.
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    In the UK the NHS use Tena a lot, so they'd be pretty good . However, I've rarely heard of people given them. Usually they use catheters, although I know in some intensive care situations where a catheter isn't being used at the time, in the words of one nurse I overheard was "if you have to go, you have to go. don't worry" (i.e. go where you are and they'll clean up!).

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    I seen that exact original post before, I think on my last forum I was at.

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    Yeah, when I went into the hospital the last time, they knew I didn't have any control, so were prepared to deal with my diapers, but the reason they keep a catheter in you for a while afterwards is to measure your urine output, to make sure your kidneys are functioning properly after you come out of the anethstetic.
    When I had gone back into the hospital after my suicide attempts, I was put in the psychiatric ward. And they don't let you have anything sharp, or long, like shoe laces or belt, and even took my cane away the first few days, so I had to use a wheel chair. But I had to wear those hospital diapers again in there, and change them myself. At first I had to ask for them one at a time in front of everyone, which was embarrassing as hell, until my wife talked to the doctor about it, then they gave me a stack in private. I even wore them 3 at a time and still had to have the bed sheets changed every morning. And when I first got there they were going to put me in a room with someone else, and that too was really embarrassing, but I got really pissed and told them about my condition, and the fact that I had just had back surgery 4 months before, so I got the only room in the nut house with a hospital bed, and got to stay alone.
    The people they have working there as "psych techs" were nothing more than hospital bouncers to keep the patients in line. The first time I asked for a diaper, one of the idiots came walking through the place waving it around like a damned flag in front of everyone else. I was so pissed! And being depressed, that didn't help the situation at all. And on my first night when I was checked in, they made me take a shower before I got to my room, and because I was crippled up, they sent in 2 of these idiots to watch and help and make sure I didn't hurt myself, on purpose or by accident. So I had to undress in front of them with my diapers on, and stand there while these 2 watched. I tell ya, that really does a lot for your depression! NOT!!!
    I spent a week in there before the moved me back to the regular hospital to see if there was anything they could do for me surgically to correct the reason I was in there in the first place.(long story, basically, my last surgery didn't turn out very well. I was still pissing and crapping myself, and on top of it, I was bent to the left and now had to use a cane to walk. The surgeon didn't get me straight before he attached the rods to my spine, and he didn't believe me, and he wouldn't do anything to fix it because the x-rays looked normal. I couldn't get him to believe me and was afraid I was going to be stuck like this the rest of my life, and depressed because now I couldn't do any of the things I had planned for my future. It was all ruined! That's when I lost it.
    After I was released from the hospital, I went to see him again, and I finally had to show him by undressing in his office and holding a plumb bob in my mouth to illustrate how far off I was. After that he could see what was wrong and agreed to fix it. I had surgery scheduled for September of last year, but had to cancel when my mom passed away at the end of June. I had to handle the estate, and couldn't do that in the hospital.)
    Anyway, once back in the regular hospital, I was still using their crappy diapers, and I remember waking up one morning and the bed was wet from side to side, and from my shoulders to my knees. ( I had to sleep with my legs raised up high and my head raised, so I was bent like I was sitting basically.) And all the soaker pads they had put under me were all soaked too. The nurse was really nice though and changed the sheets every time, and even went and got me a big stack of diapers and went to the maternity ward and got some of those pads they give to the women after they have a baby to use as soakers in my diapers. So I was using those and 2 of the hospital diapers during the day, and the soaker and 3 diapers at night. I still leaked, but not as bad any more. I spent a whole week in there as well before they let me go home.
    So the next time I go into the hospital, I'm taking some of my own in with me. I've tried the secure X plus, and I think those are pretty good. And as long as I'm not in them for more than a week or two, I can tolerate the rash from them. ( I normally use cloth now because of the rash I get from disposables.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    I seen that exact original post before, I think on my last forum I was at.
    Well that's entirely possible, as I've said this on DiaperBoys as well. Was that where you saw it, or did someone else have the same experience as I did?
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    I've never been in a hospital except for visit people, so my experience with hospital diaper is ...non-existent.
    The only thing I can contribute here is walking past a storage room stacked bottom to ceiling with diapers in many different colors. Some of the hospital staff must have left the door open. I was tempted to go in and check out what they had...wouldn't be the first time in my life walking into the wrong room in that one hospital (it has a confusing layout).


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    I volunteered at a hospital warehouse a few summers ago and well, my hospital had a few types of diapers.

    One type were "Chux" or something like that, nothing more but a big pad.

    Another type was some Kendall brand version of those Depends Guards for men. Complete with buttons and straps.

    The hospital uses Pampers on their Newborns. Also, they had a stash of vintage pull-ups (like 1999 I think) just laying around. On my last day working there, I snuck one out of a package I'll sadly confess. But eh, hospital adult diapers suck.

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    I went to the hospital last month because I got so sick, and they noticed I was wearing a diaper so they offered me a new one to put on, and the ones at the hospital I went to...suck! >.<

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    Though I've been in the hospital multiple times, I have never had to be diapered. From what you all have said, I don't think I want to be either.

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    Well, when I was 6 and my throat collapsed I was put in a somewhat decent one. But, as big as I was it could have been a pamper's.
    My memory of the event is quite hazy, thanks codeine!

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