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Thread: Stanley in the News Again... Still Receiving Disability

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    Default Stanley in the News Again... Still Receiving Disability

    'Adult Baby' Claims Disability Checks Will Continue Despite Coburn Complaint | Fox News

    Quote Originally Posted by Fox News
    A man living as an "adult baby" in California claims the federal government will allow him to continue collecting Social Security disability checks, after investigators apparently closed the probe into his case requested by Sen. Tom Coburn.
    Reading the article before responding to the legality of him receiving the disability checks as an ABDL. Stanley has not done anything wrong, AFAIK. While I do not approve of his candid exposure of his ABDL lifestyle, his mention of the issues he faces on a daily basis (mentioned as a snippet in the article), below...

    Quote Originally Posted by Stanley
    Thornton claimed that his disability benefits were based not on his lifestyle as an adult baby, but on a range of conditions -- from post-traumatic stress disorder to ADHD to spinal problems to depression. "All my illnesses have had extensive testing," he wrote on his site.
    makes sense that he is receiving disability benefits. I know that Stanley is a regular member on this site and has commented a few times regarding his situation between himself and the Feds, especially with Sen. Coburn. I'm starting to see this as a witch-hunt by Mr. Coburn more than Stanley doing anything wrong here.

    I do understand that some of us are against the idea of someone being on disability/welfare when "they" think that those of us on it are "capable" of working, regardless of whatever condition they are in. I am well aware that there are pervasive problems with people mooching off of disability when they are able to work. I am pissed about that myself also as I have seen others quite capable yet they just sit on their asses while I have to prove that I have issues that I need to rely on disability benefits for a while. I am on disability because of my autism, deafness, dysthymia, schizotypal/dependent personality traits, severe ADHD issues (mainly, autistic inertia) and while I'm not an AB - I partake in DL activities discreetly 24/7. I am working on my long list of issues to get myself back into the workforce.

    I cannot say that I condemn what Stanley is doing. At one point I did. I did not voice it, but it was right there in my own thinking months ago. Some of us have issues, and that we have to accept it. If he accepts receiving the limited disability benefits (it's really very limited!) to support himself... what or who are we to say that he does not deserve it? If he wants to partake in ABDL activities to keep himself happy... are we to say that we must take them away because somebody should be miserable while on disability? I don't think so.

    Ok, that's that.

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    I had noticed that earlier in the evening and was hoping someone would post it because I had ripped on Stanley at first for going on Taboo and attracting attention that was not needed to the AB world. I was surprised to see it was a news story again earlier when I happened to peruse the usual news websites I go to, like CNN, Fox News, my local regional news, hometown news as I do when I first get online. I considered making a post but I decided to back out. I was afraid given my history of bagging on Stanley that I would be bagged on. I regret how I had initally reacted earlier this year. I also have no stomach for internet drama these days after some issues I have had to deal with.

    It also didn't help I had to hear a lot of jokes about Stanley from people I knew and it frustrated me each time I heard jokes about something that people didn't understand and it grew to annoy me.

    As someone with disabilities I can relate to Stanley and in hindsight I probably shouldn't have bagged on him. I later did apologize of course only because I felt bad about it after his friend died.

    Do I still feel that Taboo was a mistake, yes but it was his decision to go on the show. Was it his fault a US Senator happened to see the show and decided to be a dick about it? No; it was not his fault. I feel bad about how I had initially reacted and for ripping on him. Stanley doesn't deserve all the attention he got because of a US Senator who I feel was looking for attention from Fox News. That is my thought on it.

    I do feel bad for Stanley these days after he lost his friend and that kind of made me change my tune in a lot of ways. I think now that Stanley just deserves peace and not attention from Fox News who is just looking for a story. I really just wish people would leave him alone to live his life and not keep dragging up Taboo and the whole Coburn thing.


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    The entire basis of the Senators claim is false anyways. He keeps harping on how Stanley built a crib so clearly he can work. Did this guy LOOK at the stuff Stanley built? No offense to Stanely's efforts, but it was horribly made. It wasn't like this was something he skillfully crafted and could do day as a job. I can make a sandwich well enough to feed myself but that doesn't make me capable enough to work in a kitchen. Plus at what point is the ability to do some basic things make you capable of fully supporting yourself. If this Senator actually wanted to help out he would focus on restructuring a disability system that forces people who could still and would be willing to partially work not to.

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    In the previous thread, Jabo posted the following:

    Quote Originally Posted by Jabo View Post
    Please refrain from posting negative comments about Stanley's right to be on SSI. Stanley explained in another thread that his right to be on SSI was investigated and they allowed his SSI benefits to continue. Please take Stanley's word on this, as it is most definitely too difficult to know the whole reason to why someone we don't know personally is on SSI.
    This applies to this thread as well.

    If you wish to discuss the Social Security system in general, please make a new thread unrelated to Stanley.

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    I was all for the government looking into Stanley's claims. Oversight is important in all cases, and if someone thought there was a CHANCE that someone could be scamming it should be checked out. However, this check was done, and Stanley was found to be getting his benifits correctly. At this point, any further going after him is a pure and simple witch hunt for someone that people think of as different. Leave him alone to live his life as he sees fit.

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    One wonders why this is still news for Faux News? Stanley got cleared a long time ago. As for building the crib, he already explained that the crew from the show built it. This is typical. At the time, I explained that the Maury Povich Show had twin day, and my daughter's twin roommates went on the show. The Povich show had a false script for them, wanting the twins to reveal some wild strange sex life, none of which was true. They refused to do it and got very little coverage. It's important to know that TV is fiction, almost all the time. It's sleeze land, and the biggest sleeze of all is Fox News.

    Stanley needs to be left alone. He's already suffered a personal loss in his life. Clearly one can see he has serious health issue just by seeing him. I understand this because my wife is on disability as she is in End Stage Renal Failure. Without kidney dialysis, she will die. The thing stupid politicians can't understand is that we get sick, old, and then we die. That's why we need health care and social security. Everyone knows this except the obscenely rich, like rich politicians. Hell awaits them.

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    Hello Everyone,

    I do thank everyone for their support. It does mean a lot to me. Boy, been a pretty wild year. Back when I agreed to do the show, I NEVER saw this as a possibility. And me and Sandra talked for almost a month solid about possibilities. At worst, we figured people in our city calling us names. Maybe a slashed tire at the very worst. But I never saw Coburn coming. Being on Disability for 16-18 and then back on for the last 8 years. So from being on SSI for so long, I never saw a issue with it being screwed with. Me and Sandra actually looked at is as security in that when past AB's went on TV they got fired from their jobs. With SSI, they already know I have issues.

    The show I think turned out well. The film crew was so patient working around me. I was almost constantly calling cut to sit down because of back pain, or to wait for a flashback to pass. I was waiting for them to start pulling their hair out. But they never did. When they asked me to wear just a diaper and t-shirt, I was pretty shy about it. The director said he would put a diaper on too if it made me feel more comfortable. Then there was the camera guy playing in my playpen. All in all, it was a lot of work, but a lot of fun too.

    As for the furniture, I did make all the furniture. And yea, even I will admit much of it is by far not quality. Being on such a tight budget, everything had to be made cheap. On the crib in the show, you might have noticed a few bars ended up being installed slightly tilted. I was in a hurry to remake the side rails. My doctor ordered me a adjustable hospital bed for my back. Problem is, the hospital bed is about 4 inches longer than a regular twin bed. So my bars wouldn't fit all the way around it. So I had to go and make new side rails before the film crew came. And you know what they say about working fast, make mistakes. The first time I made the crib, I did it in a day while my mom was at work. I was living at home back then. Yea, didn't go over well. She came home and came to ask me something. She saw the crib and freaked. Over the years, my body not being what it used to be, it's taken me longer and longer to do things. So just the two side rails on the crib took me almost a week to make.

    The high chair, that took 2 weeks. Almost 3. And in the end, I didn't even get it all painted. Ever notice they never show the bottom of the high chair? And when they did, there was a pile of stuffed animals covering the unpainted area. Originally the idea was to make two of them. One ahead of time to film with, and another built over 3 days. That wasn't going to happen. But the chair wouldn't have happened at all if NatGeo didn't pay for the supplies. It eneded up costing $350.00. I imagine it could have been built better. But the only tools I have is a jig saw and a power drill. That's it. So if it can't be made with those tools, I can't make it.

    What I can say is, I'm very happy with how NatGeo has been with me. When Coburn first started his crap, NatGeo producer called me directly to appologize for it. As if it was their fault. Ok, I didn't know they were going to tell my location or my last name. But it wouldn't have been hard to find out as it's in my biography on my site. They still felt awful though because it was their show that caught Coburn's attention. I wasn't mad at NatGeo at all. They really went above and beyond.

    During the filming, they got me a set of jumper cables from Lowes when I was haveing battory problems on the minivan. They filled out gas tank when 2 gallons would have been enough. It was $55.00 to fill the tank. Then although we filmed me shoping at the food store, it didn't make it into the episode. But the food alone was almost $300.00. They paid for it all and helped me put it away back home. The producer actually got annoyed when I kept picking up cheap items and wasn't going for the $40.00 packs of stakes. Yea, I could have, but it just didn't feel right to take advantage of them. And they got me a set of saw horses so I didn't have to hurt my back bending over doing the projects they filmed me doing. They didn't have to do any of that. And finally when Sandra died, they gave me all of the raw footage of Sandra. I put it on a lot. It's still hard missing her, so I put on the CD when I miss her to see her face and hear her voice.

    I just feel Coburn really robbed me of time I could have had with Sandra. And I know he made her worse with undue stress. Back when the show aired, Sandra had a serious sepsis infection and then a heart attack 3 days later. So she's in the hospital fighting for her life, and Coburn sends up people from 3 different agencies to grill her. Asking for all the meds she's on, who prescribes them, and then starts in with "Where are you hiding the thousands of dollars Taboo paid you?" Yea, we have a secret bank account somewhere. I laugh, but they actually asked if we had a secret bank account or credit card. Asking us for bank statements. It's like damn, have some respect. The woman is fightng to life, and even the doctor was angry. The stress was causing all kinds of problems. I was asked not to tell her about anything stressful that would get her upset. It just really made me angry.

    And then even when SSI does clear me Coburn still isn't satisfied. He actually said I cheated and that social security coddled me by finding me still disabled and that they didn't give a fair ruling. Seriously? I don't think anything short of me being cut off of disability would satisfy that man. But in the end, like I told all the people requesting more radio interviews and news stories, I have given Coburn way too much time of my life. Even time I can't get back between me and Sandra. I told them I didn't care what they think of me. I don't care if they think I deserve SSI or not. I set out to clear my name, and I did that. That now I am getting back to what life I have left. Babying included. So I'm getting back into some kind of a rutine and having fun with my AB friends. Coburn can continue fighting all he wants, I'm done.

    So yea, that's where I stand with him. So yea, I'm in a diaper and t-shirt, enjoying a bottle of milk and listening to the Toddler Tunes channel on cable. All toddler music all the time. Take care everyone. Time for bed. Night night.


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    Dear Stanley,

    I haven't seen the entire show, only bits of it and mostly because of mr. Coburn's 'quest'. I also wasn't aware of you physical situation and must admit that at first I was a bit annoyed about you.

    Knowing the entire situation now, I share your frustration about what he has been doing and (as far as I can tell from your story) still is.

    I cannot understand that, although you obviously are entitled to the benefit, is trying very hard to take it away from you and does not seem to be satisfied with the results of that, very intruding and un-sensitive, investigation that they did to 'uncover' the truth.

    Stanley, I whish you all the best for now and the future and hope that you'll find another one who will help you cope with life and the disabilities you have.


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    Oh my fucking Stan in hell, will this god damn Republican give it a rest before I shove my fiery foot of annoyance up his bloody ass? Yes, I was quick to judge Stanley in regards to the whole situation, but I later apologized publicly for it, having been proved wrong. I'm usually not someone to back down from something, even when proven wrong. But here, I had no case once the feds swooped in and proved that Stanley was innocent of the accusations posed against him.

    If I can say "Meh, fuck it," and this Coburn guy can't- that REALLY says something about his character! When a bullheaded Italian boy is more forgiving/accepting than you are, you've got fuckin' issues.

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