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Thread: Seeing someone you know on an AB site

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    Default Seeing someone you know on an AB site

    I'm perusing various *B/DL sites (not going to mention which), and while skimming through the gallery, I come upon a picture that really surprises me...

    It looks STRIKINGLY similar to a girl I know, and who happens to be a girl I had a lot of drama with in high school based on my strong feelings for her.

    And here I am, stalking her Facebook page just to see if I can find a picture that is at a similar angle so I can compare. It's unbelievable how close the facial features are!

    I know it's highly unlikely it's her but...God, the faces seem so similar. The diapered picture is at an angle that looks down (like those Myspace pictures people used to take all the time, only she's sitting in a diaper), so it's hard to really tell. I'll probably spend the rest of my night trying to figure this out...

    Anyways, has anyone else ever seen someone else they knew as a non-*B/DL friend on any sites?

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    Not yet. Not sure how I'll be able handle it. Do you keep quiet or let the know? Tough decision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BluTack View Post
    Not yet. Not sure how I'll be able handle it. Do you keep quiet or let the know? Tough decision.
    Precisely my problem haha. It's ridiculous how much I can match up even from such a ridiculous camera angle, but you don't ever want to make the mistake of being wrong in such a risky situation!

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    Happened to me a few months ago. While reading a few profiles I saw a description, with no picture, that seemed very familiar. A couple of days later I got a message from them asking me if I went to [removed] (I did). When I finally connected the dots, I figured out that it was a casual friend I had from my debate team in high school. It was seriously one of the most random experiences in my life. I never would have expected it.
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    It could/would be a semi awkward situation but in the end I'd end up asking them... The worst they can say is no (or nothing) and if it is who you think then you just connected with that person on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL... I'd LOVE to find friends/ good acquaintances that I could locally "indulge" with

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    I know two people on this site, I sent friend requests to them. I've got nothing to loose by adding them.

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    so what have you decided to do? did you talk to her about it? or did you decide to not do it? just curious

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    Before you make any move, see if you can match unique or rare features or items in the photo to you locale or possible surroundings.

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    I had a similar experience once. Saw a picture & profile once, that I thought was one of my cousins. Did alot of looking and checking, before I realized it wasn't him.

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    I've had the opposite. I worked with guy once who's email address was unquestionably a babyfur name. I always wondered if I would stumble upon him on an abdl forum. Well, as I have been toying with my furry side I signed up with a local furry forum, and there he was. He ended up messaging me and asked if we worked together before. I opted to not blow my cover right away, and it turns out he is just a regular furry. His babyish name was before he knew about babyfurs, so he kinda regrets that one.

    Anyways, thats one of those 'I know who you are and you don't know who I am' things, so I opted not to creep him out any further and said a 'nice talking to you' and that was about it.

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