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Thread: By some miracle you found me.

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    Default By some miracle you found me.


    If you are reading this, you have found out I am an Adult Baby. This means I enjoy the idea of being treated like a baby, being held, snuggled, sucking a pacifier, being bottle fed and wearing diapers. This is purely for stress relief and in no way diminishes my feelings for you, never forget that. I'd much rather be sucking a pacifier than cutting myself or smoking a cigarette. That's all it is for me, an outlet.

    If it helps you understand why at all, I'm sure a lot of these babyish behaviors stem from feelings of abandonment which are a result of my mother leaving me when I was an infant, growing up with an abusive stepmom and absentee workaholic dad, and of course, my self-esteem sucking aunt.

    My confidence and self worth has never been that high, but you are only the second person that's been able to look past my disability and love me for who I truely am. I don't want to lose you, nor do I want to be torn down again like Chrystal did.

    I love you with all my heart and I'm willing to make any sacrafices needed to keep you in my life

    I love you Lydia


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    Might I suggest, if Lydia is really looking, and there's a real possibility of her looking on this site, and in this forum, and for this thread, that you retitle it simply Lydia or to Lydia from Jared. Happily both names are uncommon enough that you won't be drowned in replies as you might if it were To Liz From John.

    If you have any difficulty retitling, I would make a new thread in admin stuff for instructions, or simply delete this thread and make a new one. Best of luck in the quest.

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    Aww, Jared, I wish you the best. You sound like you feel Lydia is very special in your life, and I sure hope your letter is well-received.

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