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Thread: Name Change! "Babyfur/littlefur" to "Babyfur/Diaperfur"

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    Default Name Change! "Babyfur/littlefur" to "Babyfur/Diaperfur"

    Please vote for which name you'd prefer for this forum.

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    I voted for other.

    If people are really worried about it, why not all 3? They all mean different things.

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    I guess i can see agree that there is a difference between Littlefir and Diaperfur. But since i consider myself a littlefur. I have to vote keep it the same. We group DL and AB/TB separately in the main forums, and i know Moo is against adding a forum... but maybe a subforum for diaper furs?

    I dunno.

    EDIT: In retrospect... I consider myself a AB, though i don't see myself as a baby, rather a little boy. So i can see babyfur incorporating littlefur. So that being said... i change my vote to babyfur/diaperfur.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Foley View Post
    I voted for other.

    If people are really worried about it, why not all 3? They all mean different things.
    Quite right.

    I hate to split hairs, but as for my two cents...

    How about youngfurs/diaperfurs? 'Youngfurs' could conceivably covers both 'littlefurs' and 'babyfurs'. Additionally, it would essentially serve as the AB to the DL equivalent of 'diaperfur'.

    I'm probably way off base. Apologies. ^^

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    onecho, no you are not off base, in fact, I think your category names are spot on!! I think your names are a very good suggestion & might get members into deep thoughts on this subject & the poll here!!

    **gives onecho pat pats on the head** ^_^

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    Why not just call it furry and put a caption saying 'For all Babyfur, Diaperfur, and Littlefur related posts.' Seems like it's a safe bet that if you're on this site you're a BF/DF/LF. So by putting an all encompassing title, it would make everybody feel all loved and included, and the caption would add clarification to boot! Then we all get together and have a super-fun fluffy cuddlefest, and the puppies and kitties all scamper about together with joy.

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    I voted other; I don't see any reason why not to include all 3.

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    As a non-age-regression DF, I very much welcome this change. I've always felt a little marginalized by the current name.

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