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Thread: Your Best Dubstep/Brostep Artist?

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    Post Your Best Dubstep/Brostep Artist?

    For me it's the classic artist's like Skream, Casper, Zed Bias, I'm also a fan of the LA artist 12th Planet as well!

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    I just got into dubstep a couple days ago actually. My favorites so far are Skrillex, Big Chocolate and DotEXE.

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    Check this out DotEXE - One More Chance (Out Now On Beatport!) - YouTube

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    Skrillex is about all I know. I got sucked in with the Kill Everybody song.

    I like some stuff by Nero as well. (Innocence springs to mind.)

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    My all time favorite is Bassnectar, without a doubt. He's the first guy I heard it from, and he will probably remain my favorite.

    Although Excision has a really cool song that was played at Shambhala. It's 15 min long, and is only 1 part out of 6! An hour and a half of dubstep would certainly be too much for me...

    Anyways, check Bassnectar out, preferably Timestretch or Bass Head. You won't be disappointed!

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    Don't lsiten to it much, but ide vouch for Document One ^_^

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    Klaypex's Channel - YouTube

    Good dubstep and there album is free

    Skrillex and nero are decent aswell

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