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Thread: I love my bear! Who's your special plushie friend?

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    Default I love my bear! Who's your special plushie friend?

    YouTube - I love my teddy bear
    A cute song to go with the post.

    Anyways, my bear is just great. I snuggle him every night, and most the day! Whenever I'm feeling down he's there. Of course, I love my blue bear, kitty, lion and bunny plushies too, but Big Bear is just sooo huggable since he's bigger and softer. Ohhhh, I love my bear!!! yay! *big hugs*

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    Do you guys have a special plushie friend like that?

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    Mine is not necessarily a bear, However I do have a plushie, and I do like to cuddle and hold it ever now and then. Its a Dog named Proton.

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    My Build-A-Bear cow, of course!

    <-- That's him if someone actually didn't realize...

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    My favorite is my elephant who is aptly named Elephant. She is a Pluffy from the TY brand. My second favorite is my brown bear, Howie, who has a red ribbon around his neck.

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    Mine is Winnie the Pooh - I have 8 or 9 Pooh's

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    I have a large yellow duck named ****y Duck (don't ask lol). Shin got him for me at a Brannon's grocery store riiight before I went off to live on campus (this was 2 years ago).
    I huggled that duck every night that whole semester.

    I eventually moved back, and we got ****y Duck a friend, a blue duck named Fluffy Duck.

    I also have a new cow I got from my college's bookstore, who has yet to have a name.
    I feel a "Name Muh Cow' thread coming on. = D

    Edit: Yeah, the duck's name is a bad word. The 4 letter word for frick. I forgot about that. But yeah, his name is a cuss word. lol

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    i have my dinosaur Punk my best friend gave me 2 years ago ^^
    i love dinosaurs the go RAWR!!! ^^

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    Do I even need to say who my special plushie friend is? I think everyone knows him. :P

    Humphrey Sez: Who? who? Oh, wait. Do you mean me? Yay!~

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