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Thread: I guess my parents know

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    Default I guess my parents know

    Well its just as the title says, I've had suspicions about them knowing but put it off as being paranoid but now i know that they know about me. Reason I know is because my dad found my stash of goodnites i hidden in a bag in my closet. Its kind of my fault though because he normally uses my bag for when he goes on trips and i should have known and move my stash before hand. Either way i find it strange that they havnt comfronted me about it. They seem to just ignore it and put it off like they never saw anything.

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    i think that great my parents made me go talk to someone so they could make me stop. so now when ever they find my stuff they get really mad at me which happen 2 to me after the first time. they look ever were in my room like once a week to clean my room so i can't really hide them any were so your doing better then i am and if they do i would just show them what u do and try to explain them it if they except it nice if they don't o well its not their job to tell you what to do. so hopes this helps you

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    Then it's not as bad as it could have been, I'd say.
    Just be more careful in future and don't give them any reason to bring it up and make things awkward!

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    Wow I'm sorry to hear about that, it must be really hard to have little privacy like that

    Yeah im mostly carefull, just one bad decision i made lol

    Basically I'm just going to lay off on wearing for a month or so because I feel really awkward around them now but ill get over it soon. I just don't want to talk to them about it because theres alot of things going on at my house right now and i don't want to risk stressing them more than they are right now and I'm focusing on getting a job right now too

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    Maybe they are waiting for you to come to them about it. They probably do not want to make you feel uncomfortable. This could be a good thing.

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    If you confront them they may think that you are being mature by facing humiliation in the face, or they could be trying to figure out how to respond to finding the diapers.

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    Hate to do this but why is a pull up always refered to as a diaper? Are they not more of a training pants?
    To me a diaper is not something you slip on or off but either tape or pin into place.

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    Dont be a hater Lonnie, Pull Ups are just as cool as diapesr

    Sucks, but why did you keep your stash in a place you know your dad gets into?

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    Nobody normally goes into my room or touches my stuff unless they're on the computer, watching tv or getting some clothes for my little brother. Basically my dad got the bag it was in himself because i wasn't home at the time otherwise he would have just asked me to pull it out for him.

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    I know that one of my parents knows, because I told her. For the other parent I suspect that he suspects, but I'm not sure what he suspects, or whether he suspects that I suspect that he suspects something. Er... it's too early for this

    Seriously though having your parents ignore it is better than the reactions a lot of people have received. In your position I'd probably be inclined to stay quiet unless they bring it up.

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