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Thread: Depend pullups

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    Default Depend pullups

    I started using the new Depends underwear and think they are great. I need protection 24/7 and have tried several different pullups. These are very discreet and hold alot. Usually I can make it all day without changing which is great because when I need to change I have to go to a brief. Not easy to take my pants off around work. Then I use Molicare super which is pretty discreet as well. Anyone else tried Depends underwear?

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    Underware/pullups are the worst kind of diaper. Unless you dribble and that's it never use them. They're not meant to hold a lot because the elastic would be so that around someone it'd constrict them. Stick with briefs if you wet heavily, you'll be a happier person.

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    I used the Depends pull up underwear, and they are ok for what they are. I like the ones with the prints on them to look like real underwear. I would prefer a real diaper though.

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    I have used the depends adjustable pull ups and have found them to be very comfortable and quiet. With the tabs on them you can get them tight enough in the crouch area to avoid leaks. They also have a place on both sides to separate them so you can take them off and put on a new one without removing your pants. They will only take one wetting or two light wettings So a 8 out of 10 is what I will give them......

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    Depends are awful, I think. Unless they're the plastic six-taped mega ones. But those also suck because they're about as discreet as wearing one over your pants. They're good if you're low on dough, but nothing more. If you need 24/7 protection, the Tena ultimate is very good. You can trust those guys. Depend is honestly not far from a sick joke.

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    No Doubt, The last wetting in those are invariably an emarrassment. at least with 24/7s or Abenas, I get some warning before they are truly finished, not so with Depends.

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    Every experience with adult pullup products has always been a major disappointment. They don't hold well, and I'm not really a heavy wetter. I'm sure they'd be alright for someone who barely wet, or perhaps ever-so-slightly tinkling. Your best bet would be to go with briefs, because you have the ability to tighten it enough to prevent most leaking.

    And, unlike everyone else on the planet, I'm not going to rag on every Depends product. You can hide the ridiculous crinkle of the briefs, you just need to wear something tight over it. Underwear normally does the trick. Then just throw some baggier pants over top. Simple.

    As far as the adjustable pullup is concerned, I wouldn't know. I avoid them on the same principle that I avoid pullups.

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    I tried the depends pull-up kind too. I do agree they are discrete . Tho for me they dont hold much at all.
    Tho for slow dribbles they are good and convenient for. Also there very easy to just slip on and go.
    I still prefer tape style tho.

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    I tried the depends adjustable underwear about a year ago and found them to be very thin and not hold much. I see they just relabled them as having "maximum absorbancy" now (before they were super-plus) giving them the same absorbancy rating as their Fitted Maximum Protection (now "protection with tabs") which I tried and were much better than the old adjustable underwear. Are the new Adjustable underwear any different than the old ones?

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    I have tried them, and they are awful. They leak easily, they are not very thick, they look goofy and ridiculous, and are almost as thin as a maxi pad. I think it's great that Depends pull-ups are working well for your incontinence, but for me, I am a heavy wetter and prefer a thicker, more absorbent diaper (and I'm not even incontinent).

    As you can tell by this rage comic, I am not a fan of Depend pull-ups:
    Click image for larger version. 

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