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Thread: Bigfoot found?

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    Default Bigfoot found?

    Check this out: The Fan

    A video about some guy who found a Bigfoot body... They said something about sending it off to a lab for DNA analysis.. but I don't know what the results said, if you do, then please provide the link.

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    IMO, it's BS. Bigfoot does not exist. Period.

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    That guy better be able to back it up- he invited that news lady out there to see it.

    I wish they would have provided a better picture of it though... all you can see is a mass of hair... if it would have been me who found it, there would be no question of what it was on the video. I'd string it up with a rope or something...

    With that said, its probably crap...

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    they already admitted it to being fictitious pretty much. the youtube videos that these georgians made had a 'scientist' in it which was basically one of the guys' brother. ontop of that, they can't keep the facts straight on how they found them, how many, or even where they found the body so it's just a shill for these guys to rake in $499 per person that wants to see 'bigfoot'.

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    That's old news...The results say that the two samples they gave, that one was human, and one was like orangutan...And they say they seem to be contaminated...

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    I can tell it's fake just by looking at the hair. He looks like a shag rug that has been pissed on. XD

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    I think it's a little awkward how he's compacted into that freezer. And those organs or whatever that is on the fur.

    I also thought Bigfoot roamed the north, such as Canada. I could need to get my facts straight though.

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