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    OMG My parents and I have moved to Florida! We've been living in a hotel for a week, but now we have a rental home. I'm excited about it. My own room on the top floor, my own bathroom. I'm hoping to get my permit very soon.. I need to figure out where I could find diapers and things. My parents will be out working or with the new neighbors more often than not hopefully, so I'll finally have time to indulge in AB activities. I haven't been able to for nearly a month.

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    Well, lucky you! I wish I had that much privacy when I was your age, (Hell, I wish I had that much right now, oh well...)

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    I feel ya on the whole permit thing. Being 21 and not having a license really sucks.... but I did have aunts who didn't get theirs until they were well into their 30s and on top of that I have a new friend who said they would help me practice so I can.

    As for you, and I guess I dunno what the laws are in Florida, but being 18, if I were you I would just go ahead and get the license.

    On a side note... OMG... Plankton on a tricycle lol

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    Congratulations on your move! Hope it goes well for you and you can settle in comfortably. Now study up on your driver's manual for your test!

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    I'm so jealous of you right now. The fact that you moved to Florida. wish i was still living there and never moved back to this POS state of crappyness.

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    Congrats! I always hated the stress of moving. When it was finally done, I was always so drained. I suppose there's a reason why sociologists (or such) rank moving as the fourth most stressful event one can experience, after the death of a child, death of a spouse and divorce (I believe).

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    Yay for you! But don't use your bathroom as a hiding place! The mirrors have eyes (or maybe you have nosy parents ).

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