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Thread: If at first you don't succeed

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    Default If at first you don't succeed

    Been around for a little while, but have come to a point where my only option is to start over with a new account here.

    I've had a need to feel or be treated like a baby since a time some might have still considered me one. Typical childhood scenario growing up and, like most of the people here, having to deal with these crazy desires.

    I used to have this nickname 'lilsquash' on #diapers back in '95. That was when I first realized I wasn't the only one. It was available here, so I figured why not.

    My real reason for starting over is that my wife found out about my little side and treats me like a criminal every time she clicks on my username to see when I last logged in. It's gotten to the point where I don't dare sign in for fear of the consequences. So I'm trying a new name. It's actually just a "lil" different than my old one (hint)....

    I really thought when she first found out that it would eventually be a good thing. But I'm not so confident now. I really don't think it's going to be possible for her to accept this part of me.

    Kind of a sad note to end an introduction on but it feels right at this moment.
    I'll add a cheerful emoticon to fend off the negative energy
    Hello to one and all...

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    Hi lilsquash and welcome to the site. I'm sorry that things didn't go well when your wife discovered. That happened to me over three years ago, but my wife has been very accepting. We have a good time with it. She doesn't participate, but she enjoys buying me "little" things like plushies, footed jammies, etc. We have a good time going to Toys R Us and me acting little.

    Perhaps over time your wife will warm up to the idea. There is a nice side to this and that is if you are gentle and kind when in your little self. I wish you the best.

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    Welcome! ^_^ I hope you enjoy your time here!

    I consider my situation to be somewhere in between yours and Dogboy's. I recently laid everything out on the table - including my furry side - after downplaying and hiding my AB tendencies for years. It has been hard for her, but she has grown quite tolerant to it. She doesn't like the inclusion of padding, though we have given role-playing a try a few times. As time has gone on, the stigma has faded away and I now wear around her on many occasions. I don't know what the future will bring, but I feel more confident that we will make it together

    If you ever feel like talking, feeling free to PM or chat with me; I'm in the chat area fairly often ^^

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    it is going to be possible for her. it is just going to take time. she has only had a very short 6 months with this knowledge where you have had your whole life. please give her a chance.

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