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    Hi there,

    My name is Alberto, I'm a 31 Italian man. I live and work in London from 3 years. I'm married and I have a boy of 10 month.

    I have a full and active life, but I have a very embarassing problem ... I have seriouse bladder controls problems, ... , my problems are cold enuresis during the night and mix incontinence during the day. I wear deapers 24/7. During the night I never stopped to wet the bed, I do not feel the need to pee and I empty the bladder complitely several time, during the day I wear again deapers from when I was 15;... During the day I feel the need to pee but it is always unexpected and so strong that it is not controllable and arrive only few second before when I loose the controll of my bladder.

    When I loose the controll of my bladder it is very rare tham I'm able to take it back and so I always big or complete losses. I normally use the Tena Slip Super or Maxi based on the situation and on the possibility or not to have a change or not. I also use the Tena Pants Super and the Tena Comfort Super for the sport or during the summer.

    I'm here because I'm looking for new friend for talk about a life in deapers.

    Plese contact me I will replay to all the messages, promise.

    Ciao, alberto.

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    Excellent! Finally found someone who can make us pure Italian pizza.
    My favorite topping is meat feast. What's yours?

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    Hi, nice to meet you!

    Yes, I'm an acceptable cook, but I have to advics you from the beginnigs that the pizza is not my best dish...

    So tell me what are you wearing? As I told you I have to wear deapers 24/7, and I have to admitt that I love them,... Of course at the begining was dificult but now... They alloud myself to have a normal life thay keep me dry and safe... Brilliant!!

    Ciao, alberto.

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    Hallo Mr. Alberto,

    Thank you for your introduction; So far I have just accepted (and often enjoyed) my bedwetting, but this week I have started thinking what it might be like to be a bedwetter all my life.

    I wet my bed a lot but can manage pretty good without nappies in the day, so I have only got half your wetting problems, but I find it very good to know that despite your bedwetting you are married and can lead a full active life.


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