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Thread: Lidl Diapers and supplys Can you Help.

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    Default Lidl Diapers and supplys Can you Help.

    I am travelling to Bedfordshire on Saturday from Lancashire, I was wondering if any one Knows of a Lidl That has supplys of the diapers on the shelves anywere between lancashire and Bedfordshire.

    I find these diapers one of the best for my needs so am desperate to get hold of some, I have tried around Blackpool and north of there but not found any !!

    Postcodes to the areas would be a bonus too, Would be awesome if any body can tell me one that has them ....

    Thanks for now

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    They are on clearance now at 2 packs for 9.99 last time I heard so you will probably have some difficulty finding them. A few weeks back all stores stocked them but they were kept in the back in the smaller ones and you had to ask.

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    Erdington Lidl have these 2 packs for 9.99
    Erdington Lidl is on the A38 aout 1.5 miles from M6 Junction 6 (Kingsbury road / Tyurn Road Junction)

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    Oh shame. I don't like the sound of that. I had hope that they were stocking them on a permanent basis. Doesn't sound like it if they are giving them away at that price.

    I'd buy some more at that price but I've already got too many nappies to hide.

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