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Thread: Kinda new to exploring AB/DL and looking for advice for getting loved ones involved

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    Default Kinda new to exploring AB/DL and looking for advice for getting loved ones involved

    So for the last 4 years I have been exploring my DL side and kind of accepted it and if I try getting rid of it I am just going to be a miserable person.

    So recently(6-8 months) I have been curious about the AB side of things. And so far I have only bought a paci and onesie. And kinda enjoy sucking the paci from time to time and wearing the onesie when I am alone. For now I have been buying various Bambino diapers and thinking of getting a different brand as the supplier here in canada is having issues getting my size in stock :/ And I am kinda wanting something thicker/poofy if possible.

    So other then that do others have a good starting ground they can recommend for someone possibly getting into the AB aspect to get the most out of it/enjoy it? clothes, food, type of diapers(practical use preferably and something thick). Since I am afraid if I jump in to suddenly I might just be put off. OR simply explain how they got into exploring their AB side if possible.

    Also another thing is I have my BF that I told about my Diaper fetish with and a few of the things I bought thus far. At first he was accepting of it but didn't want to really do anything related to it with me. But over the last few months he has tried engaging more often with it. Since normally we just have our bondage stuff we play around with and it would be nice if I could throw Diapers into the play and maybe AB stuff if we can get into it. Right now he refuses to wear diapers or get involved in ageplay. So if I was to try and get him into DL/AB stuff more what is the best course of action?

    Thanks in advance to all those who may read this and take time to respond :3

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    The easiest way is to try things slowly (both you and your BF). That way you can find out what you like without rushing things. Think of it as baby steps. If your boyfriend doesn't want to wear then don't force him - it's his choice. It sounds like a baby/caretaker set up would work well for you both.

    Some things you can try that are cheap, easy to get hold of and fun are sippy cups, bottles and things like that.

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    Right now he seems fine with just putting them on me and that is it. And once he gave me a paci and just held onto me for about 30 mins while we just cuddled. But that was months ago and he hasn't done that much in ages :/ Then again recently he has been trying to get me to wear diapers a bit more often. After he realized how much I enjoy wearing them.

    With bottles I have looked into them on and off. Does it make a big difference from sippy to say a nipple bottle(think that is the right term?) also does the size of the openings make a big difference for feeling when sucking on them? Because I kinda looked at say the rubber nipples that are AB sized for bottles. But it leaves me wondering if it is worth the $20-30 if I got into it?

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