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Thread: How did you get diapers before you started buying?

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    Default How did you get diapers before you started buying?

    Title says it all: how did you satisfy your cravings before you bought your first pack(sounds like a cigarette thread, huh)? How did you carry them out?

    I did it in several ways:

    First, I took them from my sister, because she was a bedwetter and was the same size as me. When she grew out of them, I'd take them from wherever I could find them. My granddad stayed with us during the last few years of his life, and he had dementia and had to wear diapers. I was pretty excited to take one for the first time; they were stored on the washing machine right across from my room. My aunt's house had some in the bathroom I'd lift whenever I went there, until they stopped putting diapers in there. I'd also get them from people who'd visit and bring their kid along. A friend of the family had grandsons who were still in diapers at age 4, and I got some of theirs. I then started to take them from my sister who owns a daycare service. She had and still has nearly every brand in every size available.

    Since I was too big to fit in the baby diapers, I'd just stuff them inside my underwear when I took them. I always made sure to wear baggy pants. Whenever I could I'd take a bag, box, etc along with me to smuggle them with.

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    Well, when I was little, I would take some from the nursery at our old church. I would also take some from my friend's little siblings. I only had like 3 or 4, and they seemed to dissapear when we moved. But recently, before I bought my first package... I would just fantasize about it. XD

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    I stole a Pull-Up once from my some kid's little brother. I also stole a diaper from my little cousin. I stole a diaper from my mom's friend's little boy. Basically, I got all my diapers from thievery before I bought a pack.

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    As sad as it is, I'd steal from stores. Not like, whole bags, but open the bag enough to take one or two. I feel terrible thinking about it now, but at the time it felt so right. Until I realized Depends weren't the best thing out there.

    I also got goodnites from my best friend's house whenever I slept over. His cousin wet the bed, and they had some in his closet for when his cousin came to visit, so I just lifted those. When I told him about it, he just laughed and said it was his Mom's money.

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    I took them from the house of a kid I babysat. He was toilet trained (he was about five), but his younger brother (who was in daycare), was a baby. I also sat a kid who was young enough to actually use diapers, and I took them there, too.

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    having been born sometime before you, the option of stealing, or aquiring by other means, dispies was never available in my pre-income years. though i did steal plastic-pants and nappy-pins from our shop, when i first started out (1978-ish).

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    It's all about the makeshift. I didn't buy real diapers until I started driving, so until then it was towels folded into my underwear for peeing, and plastic grocery sacks with leg holes for pooping. So, with those as my points of reference, even Depends and Attends were lightyears better.

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    Before I bought them the only way to get them was to steal them unfortunatly. I do regret doing this but its in the past and there is nothing I can do about it. I'm just lucky I never got caught.

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    I just bought my diapers, it not worth getting caught over something like a diaper.

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