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Thread: So sibling wise, where are you at in your family and are you AB, DL, or both?

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    Post So sibling wise, where are you at in your family and are you AB, DL, or both?

    I'm the oldest with two younger brothers, 3.5 years apart from the youngest.

    I'd say I'm ABDL

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    Oldest sibling, 1 brother, he's 16 I'm 19 (going on 20 on 11/19!).

    Also, I'm mostly AB and somewhat DL. For me the diapers are more apart of being a baby than loving them specifically hehe

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    I do have older half brothers, but basically grew up a single child.
    For me it would be ABDL tho more BF than AB.

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    There was a poll in Diaper Talk about this not long ago:

    I'm the oldest of two. DL, but slightly AB-curious, I suppose.

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    I'm the middle child in the family, and I'm most definitely a TB/DL, and a Sissy/LG as well ^_^

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    I'm the middle child with an older sister and younger bother. I am a DL, but have AB tendencies and curiosities.

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    I am the fourth of four, the fourth of ten and the first of three. I am also the fourth of 13, the seventh of eight, the eighth of eight and the 24th of 25. Of us all, I am the only one not weird. DL

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    I tell people I'm the oldest of four. I actually have an older brother, but he's not around much and we don't really talk. So technically I'm the second of five. If you want to really get into it I'm the second of eight. DL/TB ,I think I'm slowly developing a furry side.

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    2nd oldest out of 5 siblings and man does it suck.

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