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    Ok tonight i was talking with my girlfriend about changing my diaper. The thing is she said she would do it if it was a messy diaper or just pee diaper. I been with her for over two years now. She just started wearing with me. But its going to a new level of things when she is willing to change me if i poop or pee or both. I sacred not sure how to react to this. In mean its like a dream come true for me. But still scares me that she would with out even thinking about it ya i know i should say Damn i a lucky guy to have her an she willing to get into things i love. But i an asking what should i do let her change me with a messy diaper an start having her change me when i need to be?. Any answer is helpful. Thanks

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    I really don't have much experience for input, but i'd say your a pretty lucky guy. Depending on where you are in a relationship with her, really determines how you should decide to take this i'd say. If I came across a chance like this with somebody that i was in a deep relationship with, I'd probably rejoice. If it was with a girl that i was starting to consider as maybe just being a friend in the future, and no relationship any further than that, than i would probably hold back on the idea. So i'd say, where are you hoping to take the relationship?

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    Tyger makes a really good point. I was also going to say that if you are a little uncomfortable with this, just start out with a wet diaper. Dealing with that would be a whole lot easier.

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    Well. We love each other an plan on geting married one day. We want to be with each other for life. Thats why she told me she is ok with me wearing diapers 24 7 an still willing to be with me she found out i like to wear them like a year into are relationship an been standing by my side Sence. But i never met anyone like her in my life to be ok with it an then let alone want to join me in wearing them an she would let me change her Bc one night she let me put one on her. She was sacred to use the diaper at first but i told her its ok thats what its there for. So she used it. An we just got more diapers last night an i put one on her an she put one on me an we went to bed. I would love to wake up an we change each other. But its going to be all new to me on this. Its like we both going to being diaper lovers to adult babys as well. Do you think i should go for it an thank god for meeting someone like this or wait?

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