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Thread: So what the hell is this?

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    Default So what the hell is this?

    The federal government is moving in to shut down medical cannabis shops up and down California.

    I already knew it's still illegal to use, sell, distribute pot on the federal level. But doesn't anyone remember this?

    New Medical Marijuana Policy: Obama Administration Will Not Seek Arrests For People Following State Laws

    1. promise one thing
    2. Break promise
    4. Re-election!!!

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    Yea I heard a bout that a few days ago. Although the topic of Marijuana is a controversial one, We can all agree that the government rarely keeps its word on anything. What I am surprised about, is that people are letting the Government dictate what they can and can not do, when it needs to be the other way around . Has everyone forgotten the first three words to our constitution??

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    But didn't George Bush give us Freedom and Liberty? That said, you should be able to light up a joint anywhere, but surprise, you're busted. Politicians aren't the brightest lot around, but if you want to see really bad, you should have to suffer through the political adds they run in Virginia. Remember that we are not only a Red State, but also a Tea Party state. Our bumper sticker says, "I Heart Stupidity".

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Our bumper sticker says, "I Heart Stupidity".
    LOL!! reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw once that read
    "Stupidity is not a handicap, find somewhere else to park!"

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    I personally believe that marijuana should be legal, and the fact that the government can't keep its nose out of anything is no surprise to me. The government has been raiding medical marijuana distributors in California and other states for a very long time, although after saying that they will leave people abiding by state laws alone, and not doing so, it just goes to show how truly stupid out government is. Sometimes I'm ashamed of living here in America, where we are free to be arrested for trying to be free, at least that's how I see it.

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    Pot is the great boogie man because as we all know it will cause you to move onto harder drugs heck even one wiff will drive you insane. Didn't any of you see Refer Madness? Our government in its "war on drugs" has essentially repeated the pattern of insanity for over 40 years doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Drugs are an issue of mental health and addiction not a matter for a criminal court,

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    Great. Now they will spend more time, resources and most importantly tax payer money on this stupid stunt. I swear goverment has some of THE STUPIDIST people running it..

    Anyone know where I can get a "buck ofama" bumper sticker?

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    I believe you should not be allowed to smoke it until your 18. If your 18 and are old enough to die for your country you should be allowed to drink Alcohol and smoke marijuana. That's my opinion on the matter. But I have nothing against my government. I will fight tooth and nail to preserve the American way.

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    Even though I think smoking pot and/or using other drugs is a really bad idea, its not the business of the federal government unless its coming in across a border with another country.

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