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Thread: Has anyone fallen asleep in class and wet themselvels before?

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    Default Has anyone fallen asleep in class and wet themselvels before?

    I've always wondered if anyone with nocturnal enuresis(bedwetting) has ever fallen asleep in class and wet themselves. I was thinking because I use to wet my bed (stopped about 6 years ago) and use to fall asleep in class (and still do), but have never actually wet myself in class before. I always thought I could not have been as hydrated during the day or I didn't sleep for long enough or maybe the positions I was in prevent it from happening. Regardless, it didn't happen to me and I'm grateful for it. Anyway, I was just wondering if it's even possible for this to happen and if anyone has had the misfortune.

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    Not in a classroom, but late one night sitting in front of the TV I drifted off. When I woke up a short time later there was a stain in my pants extending down into the davenport cushion beneath. Thankfully there was no one else home at the time.

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    No but i've come really close in history once i was literally saved by the bell and sprinted to the bathroom i even forgot my stuff i class.

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    In class I have not. I used to wet the bet, every night until I was 16, and then on and off until I was 18 but a few months ago, I was at a family's house and fell asleep while we were watching a movie. Good thing the cushion was dark and my clothes were black. They never noticed.

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    Generally I only wet during my deeper sleep phases.

    Luckily I was not wetting the bed during my college years, but if I was, and I had pulled an all-nighter before (did plenty of those) that would certainly be a danger as I'd fall pretty quickly into my "deep sleep" phases. I have to be diapered even for short naps, so I guess I can fall into a deep sleep pretty quickly.

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    Too often! Waking up from a nap to find I have dribbled was a too common experience - but worse is nodding off and then waking up to find you are in the middle of a "flood" that won't come back under control.

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    No not asleep in class but shortly after I woke up. Here is the story. I was in fifth grade and never had any problems at school before but one day, while we were going through our vocabulary books, I began to get drowsy. The teacher asigned us work to do and I started it, but I just could not keep my eyes open. I fell asleep for what felt like 10 or 15 miniuts and then suddenly awoke from my sleep because I felt the serious need to pee. Because I was a student that was shy and never spoke up and I always followed directions I raised my hand. It felt like miniuts were passing when they were only seconds, and I was trying desperately to get the teachers attention. He never looked and after about two miniuts, the dam broke and the warm flood flowed out of my pant and got all over the floor. I was soo embarrassed, and the worst part was that after that everybody in the class treated me differently for two years after and not shortly after the incident did the rest of the school know about my little accident. That probably was the worst day I ever had at school.

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    I had it happen a couple of times in my early teens. The first time I was lucky enough it happened when I was in an isolated room taking standardized tests by myself due to me having a very infectious easily passed on form of the flu. Because of the flu thing I had spare clothes so it wasn't a big issue. (btw, I usually finished the tests with 20-40 minutes to spare so me falling asleep between them was normal)

    The second time it happened was ...bad... to put it mildly. Full classroom full of a bunch of jocks who hated my guts because I didn't follow any sports, school or otherwise. Teasing from that incident didn't end until I was forced to change school's two years later due to redrawing of the school district's lines.

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    I've wet a few times in class from absence seizures, not bedwetting so I kinda know what it's like :P

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