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Thread: Hello From England!

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    Default Hello From England!

    Hi, teen baby from England here. Would love to hear from any UK teen baby's but also visiting America next year so would also like to hear from any US teen baby's.

    Standard teenager really except the fetish. Love sport particulary football, computers, business, TV, Xbox, etc.


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    Welcome to ADISC gped. You're sure to hear from at least a few of your UK brothers. That's cool you're doing a trip to the US. I've always wanted to do a Eurotrip myself, but damn your money! It cost so much lol. Anyway, I'm from California but am currently going to school in Arizona. What brings you to the states?

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    England? Is that near Miami?
    Seriously, though welcome to ADISC.

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    Hello friend from across the pond. My school is suppose to go on a trip to England, pairs, and Madrid. But anyways what brings to America?

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    Welcome to Adisc Gped123. Always nice to hear from a guy who likes his sports. I can't live without football!!

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    Welcome to Adisc. Always nice to talk to more Adisc'ers also from England

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    welcome to ADISC
    you guys say football meaning "World Cup", Manchester United, etc, right?
    here we call tackle football "football" and old-school football we call Soccer, I'm not sure why we change so many words like a lorry becomes a truck; trainers become sneakers or tennis shoes; football becomes soccer, and nappies become DIAPERS! LOL
    In any event, I am glad you guys like sports there!
    Too many Americans are getting obese because we sit in front of TVs, video games and computers half the day or more!
    - Will

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