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Thread: Diapers in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Bejing

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    Default Diapers in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Bejing

    Now it's official: 900 Soldiers were ordered to wear diapers during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Bejing last weekend.
    A German newspaper unveiled that the soldiers holding up the scroll board that formed the centerpiece of the ceremony were put into diapers. The English press picked that up too:

    Beijing Olympics opening ceremony: Soldiers 'wore nappies' - Telegraph

    Those soldiers had to wear diapers because they were trapped in boxes for up to 7 hours.
    So you see - diapers come in handy when you don't get a chance to use the bathroom, and even officials who have nothing to do with DLism or ABism think of diapers as a solution.

    That makes me wonder about a few points:
    (1) Did the soliders enjoy pissing their pants in front of more than 1 billion watching on TV?
    (2) How many of those 900 soliders actually used their diaper? How many just wet them, and how many dared to crap themselves in front of 1/5 of the world?
    (3) Who changed all those diapers after the ceremony was over? Should I have applied for a job as an Olympic Diaper Changer for a huge pile of Renminbi Yuans?


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    that's crazy, also I wouldn't want to be the one changing them.

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    LOL, they said it was hot as well, can you imagine the stench even if only half of them used their diapers!

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    I thought the last part of that article was particularly amusing:

    "Now we know what Chinese soldiers wear under their uniforms they don't seem quite so menacing," said one German commentator.

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    Awesome story. sure got a kick outta me! I wonder how many 'rebellious' ones went "diapers are for babies! I ain't wearin' that!" and ran off! haha


    They also said a girl whose song during the ceremony won wide praise did not actually appear in the stadium and her song was mimed by another girl who was considered more attractive to foreign audiences.

    Afterwards, organisers admitted that part of the fireworks display shown on television was actually an animation recorded in advance.

    and Peachy; they say about 2 billion, not 1 billion

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    Ah the Telegraph, what would we do without you?

    That was pretty funny, I doubt the London Olympics will feature nappiness!
    Thank god that we could only see the ceremony, and not smell it...

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    That's pretty good.

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    This is not new news. Actually, Diaper is very useful in our daily life. However, only the smart people, such as DLs, understand the benefits of wearing diapers.

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    LOL!!!! I wonder how many new DL's there are going to be in that group now that they've been exposed to diapers! And can you imagine the logistics of getting 900 soldiers into diapers? Did they diaper up themselves, or was there an official team of diaper installers? And removers? phew!!!
    And I wonder what brand they used. Is this why everyone is complaining that Bambino is out of the medium sizes?
    That will certainly fill up a dumpster or 6, no?

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