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Thread: Newby - Transgendered and Confused as hell!

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    Default Newby - Transgendered and Confused as hell!

    Hey! Im Niki, male in sex but unsure in gender. Sort of in the middle. A self-discovery is needed there, whenever I get that privilege and privacy.

    Anyway, Nice to meet you all! I’m 17, almost 18, into diapers, sissification, femdom, bondage and various other kinks!


    So yeah, happy to be here.
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    You sound a lot like a friend of mine, male in sex but kinda waffles back and forth on gender. I think he's sort of settling into a sort of androgynous middle ground where he might look female at a glance, or male, or whatever you want to see. He talked about going for hormones and beginning transition a couple years ago, but he's since kinda backed off from that.

    You'll find a number of other people into various kinks (including me) around here, but you'll also find a lot of people into all sorts of mundane non-kink non-diapered stuff, too. What sorts of things do you do for fun? Any hobbies, games, interests, activities?

    And, welcome!

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    Thanks for the welcome! And very interesting about your friend! I haven’t had the opportunity to really find out yet how I want to express myself, and the idea of being stuck in the middle is frightening to be honest. Its not conformity, as such, but structure. If I can define myself as simply "Male" or "Transgendered Female" it would be far easier to adapt, both personally and socially. None the less, I appreciate the fact that everybody’s different. For the record, I've thought about hormones since I knew what they are capable of.

    My hobbies? Game Development would be top of that list, which is why Im training to become one. A lot of computer stuff themed around gaming. Mapmaking, zombies, COD, Minecraft etc. I feel quite silly calling them hobbies, but never mind.

    On a more outgoing note, I’ve always been intrigued by extreme sports. Sky diving, free-falling, ski jumping etc. None of which I’ve been able to do, unfortunately, I just wish I could. I also see myself continually doing them. I developed a love for skiing though, even though I’ve only been twice.

    What about you?

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    I can sympathise with the fear of being caught in the middle, being gender queer myself. Male in sex, female in desires and most thoughts.
    Welcome to ADISC.

    I'm a bit of a chicken when it comes to sports, I prefer to observe rather than participate, you arent alone in the geekiness though but its a tough road to tread to get into the industry at the moment, I wish you good luck on your journey with that.

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    Thanks Ozone, for the personal response as well as showing a general interest! Just looking through some of the groups here makes it clear that I’m not alone. I needed this site 5 years ago, while I was at a real low! Ah well, I here now and smiling before and because of it. I think the fact that I (think I) can overcome my fears in sports is down to my idea that: I'd rather enjoy it and potentially die in the process, than sit on the side-lines and miss out permanently. It can be dangerous, but that’s the thrill! You only live once ey...

    Wait, thats a reason NOT to be dangerous. :L Anyway, yeah I realized my game development aspirations are similar to a lot of people my age, which is why I'm spending so much money on this course. Thanks for the good wishes!

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    Map-making eh? Well there you go, you've bumped into another person that enjoys map-making. I haven't done anything in that arena in awhile, as my attentions tend to shift from thing to thing for periods of time, but here's the first one I did... (It's clickable)

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    By mapmaking I mean more for gaming. Like multiplayer maps, competative maps, etc. Still, cool map aesthetics! Its a nice style!

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    I too am 17, i go by nicole sometimes. I love extreme sports but don't do any. I absolutely love skiing but have only gone twice. and of course i love diapers. Genderwise i think we are confused in pretty much the same way. If you ever want to talk i am definitely here to do so.

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    Thats incredible stormchaser! Almost identical! Nicole/Niki :P Thanks for the offer! Freind request ok?

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