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Thread: Not ashamed to wear diapers

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    I was interested in the AB/DL sites and picked this one. I search for and buy diapers online. As I do, I always see these sites but never pay attention. A couple of weeks ago I signed up for this one. I remember way back I had a desire to wear diapers. I only did a few times in my thirties and more in my forties and I liked it. I used them for their intended purpose and got very aroused. Then at 52 I had prostate surgery. I remember the doctor telling me, after he took the catheter out, to put on these attends pullups. I was so excited. I rushed to the store and got some depends briefs.

    It was fun for a while until I noticed that I could not go around without some kind of protection. I don't go heavy but constant dribble enough so I need to wear a pullup all the time. At night I wear a brief to bed and need an underpad to be safe. To those that want to become incontinent, it is a different ballgame when you need to rather than want to.

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    I hope I try some before I reach my thirties, as it would be a very long time from now. Don't worry, i don't like the idea of becoming incontinent.

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    Hi, notashamed, I have been into diapers since I was 11. I have a while to go till im 30, so I want to get diapers before then. I used to be incontinent, but since then, I have been faking. Asking for diapers when I don't need them anymore. Clever, I know.

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