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Thread: New DryNites in the UK?

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    Default New DryNites in the UK?

    Has anyone managed to find the new blue style in shops and how can you tell they're the new ones?

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    the sides are a darker blue, looks like the pull-ups, and i dont wear them anymore so no i haven't seen them.

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    I recently bought some not sure if they are new but they seem a lot better than the reviews are giving out I bought the girls as for positioning and they hold a lot great and fit very well I have a 34 inch waist.

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    I really want to try the new ones but havent got around to it yet. The 2010 ones fit and feel really good so i hope they have improved on that

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    I use drynites all the time in the 8-15 years size, the only design I have had is the karate ones and the stunt rider, I just looked on the drynites website and those are the only ones that are listed, so maybe they are not available over here yet, I wanted the sharkie designs but they only put those on the smaller size.

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    I wonder if that's why these have been on sale recently - they're clearing out the old for the new style? I hope so!

    Can anyone do a side by side comparison of the 2010 and 2011 styles?

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    The new style are coming to the UK soon. The 4-7 packs have a little box showing the new packaging, it looks similar but it has a white border with a childish pattern on it, you can clearly see the new style blue sided Drynites on the pic. Both 4-7 and 8-15 are on sale at the moment so I guess they will be bringing in the new ones soon... three days after I bought two packs of the old style :/.

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    well to my friends from across the pond the new goodnites have the same picture but on the bottom it says cool new graphics I did a freehand circle wear you can see
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks goodnites81! However the package doesn't look like the same in Europe, but I guess there will be the same kind of "New cool graphics" message on it!

    Still no new design in France as well...

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    When buying Drynites in Asda last night, on the boys 8-15 packs I noticed that there was a small illustration showing the change in packaging that is apparently coming soon....will keep an eye out for them!

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