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Thread: Trust In Your Diaper

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    Default Trust In Your Diaper

    We have a lot of discussion around here about the merits of various diapers, their absorbancy, fit, color, print, softness and so on. That's all well and good as those who are still looking/trying new diapers appreciate others' opinions.

    But in general, when actually wearing a diaper, my enjoyment of it almost completely comes down to trust. If I'm wearing a diaper I trust not to leak, it completes the regression experience for me, because it removes that last "adult" concern from my mind and truly makes me feel like a baby. I can put any thoughts about my diapers performance out of my mind until it's absolutely soaked and hanging between my legs.

    But if I have to be concerned about what position or how quickly I'm using my diaper, it just gives me one more adult thing to think about while I'm supposed to be in "baby mode."

    For me Dry 24/7s are my most trusted diaper. I can tape myself into one and have no worries for the next few hours about anything. They are plain, but I'd much rather have a diaper I trust than one than one that looks pretty.

    So what do you guys think? Do you have a diaper you trust exclusively? And is this an issue for you or not?

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    Excellent point! Now that I think of it, "trustworthiness" is my favorite thing about a good diaper.

    I don't have an honest need to wear, but my brain sure seems to be irrevocably convinced that it's an enjoyable thing to pretend at. I've bought diapers in town, out of town, and out of the country, and I've changed in stadiums, cars, planes, and trains. I enjoy the challenge of making it seem routine. Logically, the most routine diaper would be the one I could trust. If I had an honest medical need to wear, I would certainly want to wear something that I wouldn't have to spend half my attention worrying about. I'd end up sticking with one brand based on trust gained through experiencing that it is good at meeting my needs. I would probably not spend any time deciding "what to wear" - I'd grab one, change into it, and forget about it.

    Unfortunately, I currently have to be cheap and sneaky about my DL activities. I look forward to some time when I can wear Dry 24/7s for a week straight, just to see how they do. The only diapers I own right now are some medium briefs from Sam's Club. I feel sorry for the multitudes that put up with those poor, untrustworthy things :-(

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    Good point adjutantreflex. I think you hit the nail on the head with this thread. Although I do not wear out of need, when I am out in public, with diapers on under my clothes, I too like to be able to wear and 'use' my diapers without worrying if they're going to hold up or not.

    I am in a similar situation with Whisko in that I currently have to very frugal with my money when it comes to diapers. I am down to my last 3 dry 24/7s and I have probably 2 packages of Wal Green's Certainty diapers left. I can't wear everyday, but when I do, I want to know they will hold up!

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    I never thought about it that way. It makes so much sense!

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    As my name may suggest my #1 choice is the M4.

    Sticking with a particular diaper is kinda like a car. You do your research, and pick the one you want. Then, as time goes on, you learn all the tricks.

    Like, I know the exact amount of gas/clutch is needed for a silky smooth start, and i know exactly how to tape my M4 for the perfect amount of comfort/leak protection. I've gotten to the point where I realize that my M4 basically hits the full mark.

    I've tried the cutsie diapers (Super Dry Kids), and they have leaks that I can't explain!? They just seem to happen when it's far below its capacity. It's almost like they have pin holes. Honestly, how can you feel secure when a "premium" diaper can't take down a single solid flooding???

    For me it's definitely function over pretty gimmicks.

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    I agree fully, when I first started wearing it was goodnites, and those cannot be wet unless your very careful. I quickly discovered that the hard way. When I am able to treat myself to Abenas or Bambinos, it's definitly a way better experience.

    I pretty sure that a basis for a lot of my ABDL desires is to never have to worry about anything, for instance not worrying about leaking or not having to do anything for myself.

    Very good point.

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    I wear cloth and so have various sizes and thicknesses depending on when and how long I'm going to wear, and whether it will be during the day or night. Done correctly, you have fewer leak problems, but they do have their limits, and like disposables, sitting down with a near flooded diaper will leave those tell tale moon shaped wet spots. Plastic pants won't prevent that with a soaked diaper.

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    Of all I tried I too would fully trust a Dry 24/7.
    I also have a lot of faith in teddies.
    Molicore super + for me would be in third for trusting.

    Only tried abena as samples, tho I would say I might have faith on those too. Would need to try couple more to be sure tho.

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    Abena M4 is my preferred and trusted diaper ^_^ Those suckers can take a beating!

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    Abena L4 here =) better than my first AB diaper, which was that certainty crap from walgreens, which didn't do very good, the only thing good about them were refasenable tapes :P
    When you can completely trust your diaper it's a great feeling, you can regress and not worry about leaking when you have an "accident" hehe.

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