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Thread: k9's unite

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    Default k9's unite

    If our a k9 post your info here. We are going to create a kind of pack. There was a topic on this on old forums to.

    Name:N/A for now(It was Winnie but that upset me very much)
    Species: Mixed bread dog
    Fur color:Black Brown Red And some gold-like spots.
    Age:1-3 (unknown but around those.)
    Personality:Hyper but nice and a tad bit laid back at times. Adventurous and playful too.
    Interest:Loves being dressed like a girl.

    theres mine right from the what are you topic.

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    Name: Meilos (pronounced MY-lohs)
    Species: Huskywolf
    Age: Actual, fourteen.
    Fur: Pure white, with red-pink streaks.
    Eyes: Red-pink.
    Personality: Quiet and shy, but playful. He detests humans, for their lack of respect for nature and the Earth.
    Other: Same fighting abilities as a normal wolf. Does not use any weapons, walks on all fours. His only magical ability is biokinesis (body altering). He uses biokinesis to change the age of his body. When fighting, he ages to full-grown huskywolf, but otherwise he's puppy-sized. He also wears a red nylon dog collar.
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    Name: BitterGrey (long story...)
    Species: Big bad wolf cub (and DON'T CALL ME A CUTE PUPPY!)
    Age: Too big for his britches.
    Fur: Charcoal, fading to a powder grey underneath.
    Eyes: Blue
    Personality: A good soul with muddy paws.
    (A picture.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkSunDS View Post
    Awww Grey is such a cutie little puppy!!!
    Am NOT! Grrrr...

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    (This ones not so cute)

    Name: Tarry Miller

    Age: 17

    species: Biomorph Fox (his left arm is like that of Tyrant) [yes i know i love resident evil :p]

    Type: An unusually black colored fox,

    hobbies: trying to figure out a way to complete the rubix cube, and collecting collectables.

    Personallity: Dark, just like his fur, but yet at the same time, he's not bad, there's just a darker mood about him.

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    only 4 and none are bears. Come on all foxes wolfs dogs wild dogs and bears are welcome.

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    ...You realize bears are in the family of Ursidae and not Canidae, right?

    As for me, I might join the pack again...but I don't know if I really feel like it.

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    bears are relate to dogs though. Wolfs are not in canine genies either. But they are k9's or is that foxs i forget.

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