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    I didn't think i was going to, almost talked myself out of it. the last time i had one 8 years ago i had almost been caught...what if someone found them this time. But if any of you have read my other post...i was soo tempted to steal from work. and thats a big no no. i got to the adult diaper isle and took awhile to take it in. i always avoided that section and the baby section of walmart. not today no. i picked out a brand i thought i would like that wasn't too expensive. i went to the cashier and my heart was pounding...i was risking it by shopping at a walmart that lots of kids i knew before i graduated worked there, i was soo scared i'd be seen, luckily i came across this older cashier i had never met in my life. i was so worried she was going to ask why i was buying it, but she didn't. i didn't have to lie (even though i had a good one planned) i made it to my car quickly as to not be stopped by someone for some causal chatting. when i finally made it i couldn't believe i just done that. i had a whole new package of diapers and it was no problem at all. i drove quickly home i was so excited to use it, after so long of waiting. i remember dreaming when i was younger, when i move out i can do this, no one will no because its my house. yet i'm living at home, in my own room. i'm worried about them being found i don't know where to hide them. but i went home put it on and just felt it against me. it was wonderful. i just laid in it for awhile. it was soo relaxing, calming, yet exciting. finally after so long.

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    Congrats, mate. Its only a few weeks ago that I started my first pack in a shop. I ordered online before, but for disposable itself I switched to personal shopping now. I think thats more anomynous, you go in, take what you want, pay in cash and walk out. No Names, adresses or payment details. And its much more exciting. I prepared a story too but didn't have to use it like you, I guess the salesperson in this buisiness know thats a delicate issue for the buyer and questions are not wanted.
    I even found a dedicated nappystore down here which turned out 25% cheaper than anything I found online.

    So have fun and enjoy, I have to wait now another two weeks till I'm back from work.


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    I remember getting my first pack in a store. I felt like a nervous wreck inside.
    The trip home felt like a million years.
    When I got home and tried one on for the first time I know the feeling.

    Wait till you can order better kind. You wont want go back unless you have too.

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