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Thread: Where to get certain brands/reccomendations.

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    Default Where to get certain brands/reccomendations.

    I've been hearing of some brands of diapers I'd like to try out sometime, but I don't want to do a web-search(others use this computer and it does the auto-fill, so it's too risky). Where can I find the following brands?

    Dry 24/7

    Are there any other good ones? I'm looking for thick diapers with a similar design to baby diapers. Color, price, quantity, etc, are irrelevant. I like Underjams because they're a little on the thick side, but I'd rather tape my diaper on so I don't have to keep taking my jeans off to change.

    Also, what variants should I look for?

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    its called going to the tools tab on IE > internet options > delete all cookies.

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    D'oh! I'm not a computer guy, obviously. Thanks!

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    You can get Attends and Molicare from XP Medical - I've used them quite a bit and they always ship in plain brown cardboard boxes, with the name on the "from" address as just XP.

    I have no idea about Bambino or the Dry 24/7. As far as which "variant" to go with on the other two, get the Attends 10 with waistband. They're plastic backed. There are newer Attends that are cloth backed, and the tapes suck. With the Abenas, take a look at Super vs. X-Plus. The Supers are much more practical for wearing out-and-about, while the X-Plus is very thick. I just bought a pack of Attends and a pack of X-Plus, but the X-Plus are only for 'special' occasions like when other DL friends come over, etc.

    XP will also do sample packs. You can get 4 Supers and 4 X-Plus and compare...

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