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    Default Newbie here

    Hello ALL!!!

    I've been a diaper lover ever since I can remember and now I'm looking to meet other ab/dl's who share the same passion for diapers as I do. The only ab/dl market diaper I've ever tried has been Bambinos. So naturally my favorite diaper is Bambino Teddy, although I'd like to try some other diapers such as the Abena Abri-Form. I just might find myself a new favorite diaper soon

    I'm glad to be here. It's nice to be able to talk to other ab/dl's and I hope to make friends while I'm here. If you have any questions about me please feel free to ask!

    Thanks for your Welcome!!!


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    Welcome to the site diguy4life. I hope you feel at home on adisc. We discuss a lot of different things, not just diapers, though we do that well. Usually we ask new members to tell us a little about themselves outside of diapers so we can get to know them better.

    What do you like to do for recreation such as sports, games, music, hobbies, etc.

    I myself enjoy riding my bike and writing stories. I'm actually a professional musician, though I also teach in order to pay my bills.

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    Thanks dogboy

    My favorite sport is cross country running and I like photography. I work in graphic design so I guess I like that too.

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    hi DLguy!

    Welcome to ADISC! Have fun being a active member here!

    Just curious, I hear about Iowa all of the time, do you participate in the primaryes, straw-polls and all that hoopla over there?

    I am in FL, I think FL is the 4th or 5th state to have a primary here (for US presidential elections).

    - Will

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    Greetings from another Iowan, hope you enjoy the community.

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