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Thread: Another Gay Teen commits Suicide

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    Default Another Gay Teen commits Suicide

    Jamie Hubley, Gay 15-Year-Old Ottawa, Canada Teen Commits Suicide, Cites Depression, School Troubles

    Its just sick, for the same reasons that that other kid committed suicide last month as well.

    Its just disgusting how kids think they can and do get away with bullying.

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    Unfortunately, this fight isn't going to end until we teach our very young children to be tolerant to all people and to treat all people with respect regardless of age, race, gender, gender identity, gender preference, creed, nationality, disability, economic background, culture, previous criminal history with time served(within reason), or anything else I've not mentioned here that should be here. I have problems going to work knowing that they say they are a place for "positive practices" but they still discriminate against homosexuals, transgendered people, and non Christians.

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    Okay, I have to jump in on this one...
    The media jumped on this because he was gay. Not because he was bullied and then committed suicide, sadly enough that happens all the time. But, because he was bullied, gay, and committed suicide. Suicide is the third leading cause of death in teens of his age, so it really isn't that un-usual. However, the media doesn't glamorize, (I hate to use that term, but it fits,) the story about the nerd being picked on, or the cripple, or the one kid who eats glue. They chose the gay kid, because that is the minority that is popular right now. Not that this isn't terrible, but they blow the thing way out of proportion.

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    Gay suicides are going to get more air time because of some past horrid examples of bullying and outings. Every suicide is tragic, especially when it is a young person. Last week a teacher friend of mine committed suicide. She was 47. Several years ago her son died in Iraq. He was a standout student and football player. Last week was the anniversary of his death, and I guess his mother just couldn't take it any more.

    Life kicks many of us in the teeth. I've been there, again and again. Most of us find a way to go on. Some of us keep suicide in the back of our heads as an option, and some tip over that unseen wall.

    We've had this discussion before, and usually, someone says that the bullied deserve it, because they act weird. To me, that's like saying a girl deserved to get raped because she dressed provocatively. There never is an excuse for bullying, or harming another person, yet it happens not just between kids, but also adults, especially at the work place. There seems to always be a pecking order, with one person dominant over another.

    Sometimes we speak before thinking. Sometimes we are tired, or angry, mad at ourselves or the world. Hurtful things are said. But kids can be vicious, because they don't have the maturity to stop, to think how the bullied feels. Communication is key, asking somehow how they are feeling, and then taking the time to talk to them. No one should sit alone during a school lunch. No one should be ostracized from the student circle.

    Oddly enough, my parents taught me at a very early age, pre-school, to put myself in the other person's shoes. When I went to Kindergarten, there was a boy with MD. He was on crutches and had a series of physical problems. I immediately befriended him and was bullied by almost the entire class for being his friend. My response was to beat up the other kids during recess. We need to take a stand, as parents and as a society, to treat others as we would want to be treated. I suspect that's what the demonstrators on Wall St. want. We want to be recognized, respected for who we are, encouraged, and loved. If each child had that, there would be far fewer suicides.

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    people who do this kind of shit to other people fucking sicken me

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    It is very sad when a teen (or anyone) thinks that suicide is the only escape. I know how hard it can be.

    I seen some parents teach there kids to hate gays, bi or what ever. Also to hate others not of near similar religion(sadly one was a aunt of mine) She doesn't know about me but she has said if one of her kids was not straight she would disown them and put them on the street.
    I am glad I was taught to like others even if they are different. I know what its like to be bullied going through school. Tho no one ever did anything to stop them even
    when they saw things happening.

    Then the news see's it and seem the top reason is for there ratings for the story.
    Even tho it does get word of things like this out.

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    Dogboy, thank you for saying what I didn't have the words to say

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    people who do this kind of shit to other people to the point of suicide are just sick fucks. end of story. 'nuff said

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    Suicide sucks and so does bullying. I hated how when I was growing up it was always the same old bullshit excuse; 'It's kids being kids... it's a right of passage. You'll grow stronger because of the bullying.' I went through bullying and I am very straight and it sucked. I felt like an outcast to the point where I gave up on school and even Kent State because I hated being reminded of what I went through in high school. It also didn't help that some people went out of their way to make me miserable.

    I just wish they would have acted in the '90s on bullying because that is what led to Columbine and other tragedies in schools. Why the HELL do people feel the need to be bullies? I went through it all and it sucked balls. Just because I had disabilities, didn't know how to handle myself and shit; I made myself an obvious target. Bullying. It needs to stop. It needs to fucking stop.

    Gay or straight, bullying is just fucking wrong and it needs to be stopped because it can have long-lasting effects on a person. Bullying made it hard for me to trust people and including those in my own damn family. This just riles me up and pisses me off that humans can be so damn small minded.


    Pardon my language but this just hit a bit close to home as someone who suffered from bullying when it was 'kids being kids- you'll grow stronger because of it'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildThing121675 View Post
    what led to Columbine and other tragedies in schools.
    I would just like to point out that bullying aside the second you decide to pick up a gun and go shoot up your school you don't get to use the excuse "the bullies made me do it"

    Its always been a trend in American society to look for one root cause when generally speaking this is not the case oh if we could only solve X problem everything will be fine. When I was in K-12 it was drugs when I was a student teaching it was cutting now its bullying OK fine but as to that one school shooting Insufficient parental supervision, lax gun laws, social isolation and then bullying all contributed to Columbine.

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