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    Talking Hello :)

    Iíve been very active in the AB/DL community over the years (on and off-line.) Iíve been a member of many AB/DL websites (this one included.) However since I havenít been here really long time I couldnít remember my user info Iíve, decided to re-join with more current info.

    Iím an incontinent diaper wearer and have been wearing 24/7 for 19+ years. My diaper wearing came about due to a spinal cord injury however, I embraced my AB/DL side as well. More info about me be available as time goes on.

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    As time goes on eh? Could you at least tell us about some of your non-diapered interests? Any hobbies, activities, games you enjoy?


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    Welcome to the site( again ). Im really new to the site, and I really like talking to people like me.( 13-15 year old TBDLs/ any age DLs ). Anyway, how long were you on the site before this?

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