Do you have a special place you can go outside of your bedroom or house where you can wear and use with no consciousness about it? This more geard towards those who have continence normally.

I go play disc golf when I want to diaper out publicly without forcing anything upon other people, it's in a park as the course is very wooded and is for the most part vacant, I can spend 3-4 hours out there and i may run across a maximum of 6 people in that time, so if I'm prepared, which I usually am , I can freely use with no consciousness of the outside world, if you get what I'm saying, and if it's a weekday then it's even better because I can sit in some places in just my diaper and enjoy myself (not in that way because that is something you do in private and shouldn't be brought in public, I know people have their kinks but there still is the possibility that someone can see you and you not see them). This is a fun time because I can always get full use out of my diaper

What about you guys, anything similar in your diaperd lives?